How Powerful Brands Can Change the World

At FUSE last year, we caught up with Cheryl Swanson, Managing Partner, Toniq, to discuss how brands are changing the world and how the synergy of brand strategists and designers can impact business.

Today, building better brands is key and big brands can do amazing things on the planet. Essentially, they have the power to give back. For example, Stella Artois with its water project and Vaseline with its healing project.

“To me, better brands are brands that act better in terms of good citizenship,” she said.
Brand strategists know what’s going on with the consumer and the culture, while designers really know how to bring all of that information to life in a visual way. So, if they are siloed, you don’t get that synergy of effort and creativity.

Swanson explained, “If designers and brand strategists are brought together, they can knit something that is powerful and bigger than the sum of its parts.”

Watch the full interview below:

Interview with Cheryl Swanson, Toniq from IIR USA on Vimeo.



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