Trends Impacting How You Design

How can you ensure your design connects with future consumers?

Trends are ever changing and it seems almost impossible to keep up, how can you stay ahead of the trends and design for what’s next? To remain on the cutting edge it is essential to identify key trends that will allow you to create designs that motivate, inspire and drive your business forward.  At Foresight & Trends you will receive the inspiration, insight, tools and processes necessary that will ensure future growth and success. 

Download the Agenda to Gain Insights Into Emerging Trends:

Here are a few sessions we thought you would be interested in:

·         Using Storytelling and Design to Build Iconic Brands - Vince Voron,Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Global Brand Content Marketing, Dolby
·         Designing for Indulgence - Emily Empel,Head of Futures, Idea Couture
·         Evolving Celebrations—Getting to the Heart of the Consumer - Carol Miller, VP of Corporate Innovation, American Greetings
·         The New Premium - Mike Milley, Director of Creative Consulting, BMW Group Designworks
·         Designing for Liquid Lives - Dr. Antonia Ward, Global Head of Advisory, Stylus

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