Does your brand connect with consumers?

Your Brand and the New Consumer

Whether you are looking to inspire those within your organization or the consumers you are targeting, a clear and powerful message has always been essential. But today, the message is no longer enough.  Brands need to define their human purpose and tell that story in a way that inspires and motivates others.

Consumers are concerned with everything from the ingredients within a product to the conditions where it is manufactured. Every purchase decision has become a representation of who they are, their values and the future they want to create for themselves and their families. Brands such as Google and Dolby have embraced these ideas and have connected authentically with consumers as a result.
Foresight & Trends brings you experts to help you activate trends and apply them to your business. We are excited to announce two new additions to our program.

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·         Vince Voron, Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Global Brand Content Marketing, Dolby.
Using Storytelling and Design to Build Iconic Brands: Join Vince as he shares his design leadership experiences from Apple, Coca-Cola and Dolby to demonstrate the value of thoughtfully designed experiences at all consumer touchpoints.

·         Mel Coleman, Global Marketing & Communications Manager, Google Food Program
Baking Innovation into the Google Food Program
Join Mel as she explores the ways the Google Food program innovates to nudge better food choices, bring people together, and push boundaries to address challenges in the food system.

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