The Brand & Consumer Connection Can Be a Wonderful One or a Miserable One

An interview with Stefan Sagmeister, Sagmeister & Walsh

The brand and consumer connection can be a wonderful one or it can be a miserable one. There needs to be a connection that is clear to both parties, but the challenge is how to make that connection.
When it comes to connection, Stefan Sagmeister isn’t sure that this “constant immediacy” is the only solution to a big connection in branding or marketing.

“I think that there is ample evidence that fewer and better connections might ultimately be superior to constant mediocre ones,” he explained. “I hear many more people complaining about the constant borage and very few people complaining about something wonderful or something delightful that they have seen every once in while.”

Watch the full interview below:

Interview with Stefan Sagmeister, Sagmeister & Walsh from IIR USA on Vimeo.



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