New FUSE Keynote Just Announced!

New Keynote Announced:

Make Money. Make Impact. Period.
Taylor Conroy, Founder, Change Heroes
No longer can we run businesses that focus purely on the bottom line, consumers expect more and our staff needs to be fully engaged in the mission. Explore how Taylor Conroy is re-shaping the fundraising world, by creating transformative experiences that create higher engagement and retention, through the combination of technology and shared experience.
Fuse Inspires the Next Generation of Designers

Also Just Added: 
Don't Call Em Newb's; Instead, Understand Them as Catalysts of Influence
riCardo Crespo, Chief Creative Officer, Brand Design;  th13teen + jacknifedesign 
Wednesday April 6th 11:05-12:05 PM

FUSE is proud to share a unique addition to the conference curriculum for 2016. We are collaborating with Miami Ad School, a globally renowned creative and advertising academy- to bring you a one of a kind panel session featuring students from Miami Ad School who will share their unique perspective on what it means to create purposeful design.

FUSE values the next-generation of creative professionals and hopes to enable them by providing a stage for them to share their thoughts, aspirations and inspiration first hand with the FUSE attendees. This is an incredible opportunity to sit back, relax and see and hear how millennials are crafting messaging and compelling campaigns for their own generation!
Download the brochure to see the full program:

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We hope to see you there!

The FUSE Team




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