The Importance of Brand Authenticity

By: Rob Wallace, Brand Advocate, Best of Breed Branding Consortium

A brand’s message needs to be relevant and authentic to cut through.  “Think different”, a hallmark of one of my favorite brands, encouraged me to change my point of view and gave me a kinship with Apple.  So much so that I still stand in hour long lines to buy their products as soon as they are released.   Literally the only brand that I’d ever do that for.

Authenticity without relevance does not speak.  I don’t care that Ivory was the first soap that floats or that Arm & Hammer has been around since the 1860s.  

Relevance without authenticity rings hollow.  We may all want ice cream from a European creamery but we all know it doesn’t come from Haagen Daz.

And yet when combined, relevant authenticity makes me care.  Check out this ad and tell me what they are selling?

Whatever it is, I’m buying.



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