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Friday, December 16, 2016 | Jeremy Lindley social links

lost in thought
with Jeremy Lindley

Global Design Director, Diageo

I'm inspired by the people with whom I work. One of the great things about my role is that I get to choose who we collaborate with, I am privileged to work with outrageously talented colleagues globally and some of the world's best designers.
To me, brilliant is always worth holding out for. The best idea is rarely the first idea, I find that perseverance pays off.
My favorite app is Nike+ my running has improved significantly since knowing how I'm doing each kilometre, the data fuels my competitive nature!
When I'm having a creative block I leave the topic and come back to it the next day. It's remarkable how much processing your brain does while you are asleep.
My favorite brand is Johnnie Walker – and not just because it's one of our brands and happens to be the world's number one scotch whisky! I've had the opportunity to work with the Master Blenders for over 10 years now and never fail to be inspired by their skill and creativity.
My favorite color is Yellow – warmth and happiness.
My dream project is I'm working on a few of them right now – sorry, all secret!
The best advice I ever received was "Be kind and generous, go the extra mile."
The very next thing on my to-do list is something important but not urgent – I try to tick those off first.
My dream collaborator is the designers I'm already working with – if there's someone you want to work with just get in touch with them, there is no point having dreams you don't pursue.
At least once, everyone should go on retreat – regularly invest in your spiritual health.
The best way to unwind after a long day is chatting the day through with my wonderful wife while enjoying a Tanqueray & tonic.
If I had a one-year sabbatical, I would learn an entirely new skill – go back to art college!
The most overused word in meetings today is Millennials.
At the moment, I'm obsessed with Ottolenghi – wonderful Mediterranean recipes that give a whole new take on salad.
As of now, I'm totally over carbs – I cut out bread, rice, potatoes and pasta to lose weight, it worked and I've not eaten them since.
My tools of the trade are curiosity, openness, seeking clarity.
The biggest thing that has changed since I started in the industry is how connected we are – it's made a real difference to creativity and ideas.
I'm happiest when I'm with my family.
I'm proud that my hunch that Design was an interesting career to pursue turned out to be correct – to date I've not come across another profession that's so much fun.
My playlist is stuck in the 80s.
You can usually find me on a teleconference.
The last stamp on my passport was the U.S.
The next stamp on my passport is Amsterdam (at a stupidly early time in the morning).
When I look back on my career I will do so with a smile.
Find out more about his participation in FUSE arrow © 2016 IIR Holdings, LTD. All Rights Reserved.
FUSE, at the intersection of design and brand strategy.

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Donald J. Trump has defied all political polls to become the United States’ next President-elect. Not only did the win the electoral vote, the win also came with an enormously needed re-boost to the Trump brand.

A post-Election Day, overnight national survey conducted by Brand Keys, a brand engagement and customer loyalty research consultancy, revealed that in each of the seven categories Brand Keys has tracked the Trump brand – a brand whose added-value had been badly battered by campaign rhetoric and the release of a video tape that captured Trump making lewd comments about women – rebounded to levels close to or exceeding added-value measures seen just prior to his announced presidential candidacy in April 2015.

“Mr. Trump has been one of the most powerful brands we’ve ever tracked,” said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president. “You could add his name to anything from ties to buildings and the increased perceived value of the products fell into the 20% to 37% range. Which was very high, enviable by any category or brand standards, and what a brand is supposed to do. Now, I suppose, he literally qualifies as ‘the most powerful brand in the world’.”

When Trump threw his hat into the presidential ring in June of 2015, some of the product and service categories Brand Keys tracked were positively affected; some were negatively affected. “But that didn't totally surprise or alarm us,” he said.

“In becoming a candidate Mr. Trump changed both the brand paradigm regarding consumer expectations and values surrounding the Trump brand and also blurred the traditional lines regarding where the ‘Trump brand’ was expected to compete. These shifts changed how the Trump brand was perceived by consumers. And an oft-contentious campaign didn’t help foster consumer emotional engagement and brand loyalty levels.” But the disclosure of a videotape capturing Mr. Trump making lewd comments about women seemed to have placed the Trump brand in real peril.

“Brands – particularly Human Brands, people who are seen to be the living, breathing embodiments of those set of values they alone are able to so successfully, seamlessly, and profitably transfer to products and services – that are then so negatively and publically exposed the way the video did to Mr. Trump, don’t usually come back as strong as they used to be. Think about what happened to Martha Stewart or Tiger Woods. Their brands survived but they never came back as strong as they were before the brand imploded – after they went to jail or were forced to do a PGA Adultery walk-of-shame, for example,” noted Passikoff.

“Human Brands don’t generally get a second chance to breath real life back into their brands or rekindle the desire in the hearts and souls of consumers. Not at their former brand strength, added-value levels, at least. These shifts are incredibly strong.” But apparently winning a presidential election is the exception that tests the rule.

According to 1,203 registered voters in the 9 US Census regions, 100% of the categories where Brand Keys has tracked the Trump brand that had been negatively affected a month ago with the Access Hollywood tape disclosure, all rebounded to Post-Candidacy+ added-value brand levels.
Added-value related to the Trump brand – that is, how much more a product or service is seen to better meet consumer expectations and be seen to be worth more monetarily with the Trump brand – is back up significantly from a month ago in each of the seven categories where Brand Keys has historically tracked the Trump brand.

With the White House won, the Senate race no longer a toss-up, and the House within GOP hands, “a brand that was once deemed toxic by many consumers is now seen as not only a safe option, but an emotionally desirable option,” said Passikoff. “Especially given the new set of values that the brand has created around itself: victory, self-confidence and determination, a sense of the visionary, and ultimately greatness. We’ll have to factor those into our next Presidential Model.”

“The election occurred in contrast to predictions by the political polls and pundits, and we’ll leave it to them to predict the future when it comes to presidential politics. What we know for sure is that these brand engagement, added-value numbers correlate very highly with consumer behavior and consumer perceptions of added-value for consumers’ own sense of self and actual product/service price value,” he said.

“They certainly did in voting booths across America. One should remember that these are leading-indicators, which means that we’ll be seeing their effects six to nine months down the road, although we’d have to do some additional drill-down research to predict the product and political effects of those consumers/voters who feel disenfranchised.”

Passikoff said, “I think it’s fair to call it ‘The Brand Commander-In-Chief’!”
December's color alert is Generosity. it lifts the spirit, and announces the job of a new year. Seen as a hue that embodies hope and happiness, it is also an antidote to heavy, toned hues.

Millennials are the most diverse generation in history – only 59% are Caucasian and 27% have an immigrant background (Deloitte, 2015). Therefore, it’s no surprise that this demographic expects brands to embrace and reflect the diversity of their lives – a trend previously highlighted by Stylus Life in our report No normal: Post-diversity marketing. If brands are to do this successfully, they must move beyond crude stereotyping to represent a broad spectrum of race, gender and sexuality.

For instance, Muslim millennials offer growing opportunities for brands – the Muslim consumer lifestyle market is predicted to reach $2.6tn by 2020. The modern yet faith-driven outlook of this group, along with a growing disposable income, will see them buy into brands that reflect or understand their values. Make-up brand CoverGirl is already tapping into this lucrative demographic with its latest brand ambassador –beauty blogger and hijab wearer Nura Afia. One of a growing number of Muslim beauty bloggers, her new role demonstrates the importance and appeal of diverse representation.

Beauty brands are working particularly hard to cater to often forgotten demographics. A new initiative from L’Oreal offers free step-by-step audio tutorials to give visually impaired women more independence. The usability has been carefully considered to fit the needs of this consumer group – the cosmetic and skincare tutorials are concise to fit into everyday habits, while the app’s customisable user interface features a monochrome palette and large text.

Also targeting a currently under-catered market, UnBeweavable Hair is an on-demand hair service specifically for women of colour. On-demand beauty services, which provide a stylist straight to your home or workplace, have been rising in popularity for some time now – yet UnBeweavable Hair is the first tailored to the specific needs of this demographic.

Created by Zina Alfa, it was inspired by her own difficulties in finding hairdressers who understood her needs. Made by a woman of colour for other women of colour, this case study shows that if brands want to provide products and services that appeal to all, they must improve the diversity of their workforce.

Rebecca Minkoff recently highlighted the need for diverse workforces, citing the lack of female employees in technology companies (and STEM fields in general) as a key reason why wearables are not currently capturing female consumers. The fashion designer also mentions examples of having to explain female expectations and behaviours – such as taking jewellery off at night – that were missed by an all-male team.

There’s a popular saying promoting better gender and race representation that suggests ‘you cannot be what you cannot see’ – but this could easily be extended to ‘you cannot create for audiences you don’t represent and understand’. Which is why companies with diverse workforces are more likely to financially outperform those that are not (McKinsey, 2015). So if you want to ensure your products appeal to an increasingly diverse consumer landscape, you’d better start with your job adverts.

Brought to you by Stylus Life, creativity and innovation news from around the web.

Friday, November 18th | Barry McGeough social links

lost in thought
with Barry McGeough

Group Vice President, Innovation Next

I'm inspired by thinkers and doers, not in that order
To me, brilliant is simplicity and the elegant solution
My favorite app is nature
When I'm having a creative block, I sleep on it!
My favorite brand is Anthony Bourdain
My dream project is Leading Innovation Next
The best advice I ever received was from Elvis Costello: "I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused"
The very next thing on my to-do list is Dive the Maldives
My dream collaborator is Tesla
I think the Kardashians are either a sad reflection of fame for fames' sake or a lot of fun, I can't tell which
At least once, everyone should push themselves to their edge
The best way to unwind after a long day is cook great food and drink great wine
If I had a one year sabbatical, I would come back to work
The most overused word in meetings today is unlock
At the moment, I'm obsessed with Kim chi
As of now, I'm totally over Donald Trump
I'd define my personal style as rock and roll business casual
My tools of the trade are a laptop, a blistering fast internet connection, a caliper and a sharp pair of scissors
The biggest thing that has changed since I started in the industry is China
I'm happiest when I am awake
I lead by pathological curiosity
I wish I could fly (duh!)
I'm proud that I have made things people love
My playlist is deep rootsy Dub of all kinds
You can usually find me with either a knife or a keyboard in my hands: cooking or working
The last stamp on my passport was Japan
The next stamp on my passport is the UK
When I look back on my career, I want to say I am still defining my career
I still hope to change the planet
Find out more about his participation in FUSE arrow © 2016 IIR Holdings, LTD. All Rights Reserved.
Over the past few weeks, the Stylus Life team has been tracking the latest innovations in retail tech – the online tools making shopping seamless, and the in-store tech that will encourage customers to head back to the high street.

Retailers are always seeking new ways to entice customers and encourage loyalty, particularly looking to create convenient purchase journeys that fit around shopping habits. This strategy is seen through Mr Porter’s recent partnership with Apple TV. A first for luxury content-commerce mergers, the collaboration sees the e-tailer monetise its editorial video content, letting shoppers buy directly through their TV.

Similarly, Instagram recently announced it would soon start testing retail tools that enable users to buy items found in their image feed – a move that will help both brands and tastemakers to drive revenue through the platform. The new feature, kicking off in the US with twenty retailers, ties in with recent stats showing that consumers increasingly shop via their mobile devices.

The consumer desire for convenience and curation is also highlighted in recent research that discovered 43% of US consumers are likely to do their holiday shopping via online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon, compared to just 15% purchasing via an individual retailer’s website. This dramatic difference is due to marketplaces’ ability to offer shoppers a simpler experience, with a wider variety of products at the best prices – all in one place.

So if shopping online is easier, what will send customers back to the store? Well, a recent survey has found that 63% of UK shoppers still prefer the high street, but are more likely to be enticed by tech-fuelled retail spaces. The convenience of contactless and mobile payments was described by some as “life-changing”. Meanwhile, shoppers are more likely to visit stores with technology such as virtual reality (57%) or smart fitting rooms (57%), which provide experiences that can’t be replicated at home or online.

Tesco is capitalising on this consumer desire for technology, trialling digital receipts that offer shoppers personalised offers, while also taking another step towards paperless transactions. The trial, running through November, aims to give customers more choice. Beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury has placed digital interaction at the centre of its new store, using virtual mirrors to help shoppers select their perfect look, and in-store screens to showcase social media inspiration.

Brought to you by Stylus Life, creativity and innovation news from around the web.
November's color alert is Oro, a bit of gold, a bit of bronze, and all magnificent metallic. It's a color that's ready to shimmer, shine and an edge to design.

Once the stuff of science fiction, artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our everyday. New uses for this futuristic technology are launched each week, often so subtle that you will only find them if you seek them out. These practical and specialised AI applications are helping brands personalise their offering, improve efficiency and simplify consumers’ lives.  

The master of the algorithm, Tinder’s latest update makes it even more likely you’ll meet your match. Its Smart Photos feature will swap your profile picture depending on the preferences of who is looking at it. For example, it will change if your potential partner prefers seeing full-length photos, or ones with your pet. The feature is said to improve over time, but it has already led to a 12% increase in matches.

Ebay also hopes to find you the perfect match – but with more of a focus on your home than your love life. Its new Ebay Collective site, dedicated to art and design, features image recognition technology that lets shoppers select an image of a room to find matching products. Using this tool, the auction site aims for a level of curation that is ordinarily only found in physical homeware stores. 

Despite its benefits, many consumers are understandably cautious of this rapidly advancing technology. The Hiro Baby app, which offers on-demand advice and support in response to parental queries, retains a human-assisted element to reassure apprehensive consumers. Users receive personalised feedback and product recommendations that are derived through artificial intelligence, yet approved by a real person before being sent.

Similarly, Baidu’s medical chatbot is not designed to replace doctors, but simply to speed up the diagnosis process. Patients answer a series of questions, which become more personalised with every response, to create a detailed account of their symptoms prior to doctor referral. These personal assistants use messaging services to provide a familiar interface that helps connect with patients individually.

How artificial intelligence will develop in the future is uncertain. This month President Obama pushed his support for AI, making it a key focus of his guest edited issue of Wired magazine and unveiling a plan for ensuring government regulations develop in tandem with the technology.

Yet one thing is certain: if artificial intelligence can deliver the practical benefits it promises, without the distractions, it will likely be here to stay. As Obama put it, AI “has been seeping into our lives in all sorts of ways, and we just don’t notice”.   

Brought to you by Stylus Life, creativity and innovation news from around the web.
Get into the minds of the people ushering the new era of brand. 

Each month, we sit down with creatives and brand leaders who share with us their passion, dreams, hobbies, business goals, advice, personal style, tools of trade, proudest moments, last stamp on their passports, and more!

Inside our FUSE MUSE Fall 2016 Edition eBook, you will find inspirational pearls of wisdom from design and brand leaders including:

·         Thomas Thurston, WR HAMBRECHT VENTURES
·         Mauro Porcini, PEPSICO
·         Judith VanVliet, COLOR MARKETING GROUP
·         Vicki Young, NALLA DESIGN
·         Melissa Steach, HERMAN MILLER
·         Vikram Bawa, MCCAIN FOODS

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October's color alert is Redlicious, a sumptuous, appetizing red that suggests a forbidden fruit, full of temptation and sultriness. Its depth lures you in and takes hold of your visual sense, and conjures the senses of smell and taste. It is a smoldering fire, candy apple, and sensuous lip, all rolled into one.  

By: Sophie Corfan, Stylus Life Editor

As the world turns its attention to the upcoming U.S. election, prominent brands and figures across the creative industries have been jumping on the political bandwagon over the past few weeks. Brands are increasingly using campaigns to get behind social causes – from LGBTQI pride to female empowerment – gaining traction and respect among politicised consumers.

Remaining neutral while pushing politics, both Snapchat and Doritos have been encouraging their audiences to “Rock the Vote” recently – coinciding with the USA’s National Voter Registration Day (27th September). Snapchat’s initiative reminds users of the importance of voting through its infamous bite-sized videos, before directing them straight to the voter registration website. Meanwhile, Doritos vending machines on college campuses playfully point out that if you’re not registered to vote, you don’t get a choice – giving only tasteless chips to unregistered voters.

Brexit – and the subsequent political turbulence – continues to fill the news in the UK, and this week, a number of designers united over the Brexit Design Manifesto. The document, spearheaded by Max Fraser and Dezeen founder Marcus Fairs, lays out opportunities and challenges for the British design industry in the wake of the UK’s decision to leave the EU. Signed by an array of design influencers, the manifesto demonstrates how industry leaders are taking the initiative to ensure the stability of their own future.

Fashion brands are also aligning themselves with the causes their customers care about. The Kooples announced that fur would no longer feature in any of its future collections. The decision has been prompted by a PETA campaign and petition signed by 60,000 people, demonstrating a willingness to listen to its audience and adapt accordingly. Monki’s feminist Monkifesto uses humour to attune directly with the core concerns of its young female consumers. The campaign’s catchy slogans –tackling periods, sexuality, cyber-bullying and more – will appear across a capsule collection over the coming months.  

As political and social issues infiltrate so much of the current conversation, it’s no surprise that consumers are expecting brands and influencers to join in – with 74% of US consumers appreciating companies being clear on what they stand for (The Futures Company, 2015). And with value-driven Gen Z and millennial consumers considering their beliefs key to their identity ­– and keen to spend accordingly – this trend is only set to accelerate.

Brought to you by Stylus Life, creativity and innovation news from around the web.

Neuroscience has been tapped to help brands understand consumer purchasing decisions for several years now, with methods from healthcare and academia such as EEG and biometrics applied to study the motivations of consumers. Marketing insights company Nielsen, for example, even has a branch devoted to neuroscience called Consumer Neuroscience headed by Harvard Medical School neuroscientist Dr. Carl Marci. But what have market researchers actually learned from all these efforts that can help brands?

Some very interesting research results have come from a Baylor College of Medicine study. A team of neuroscientists presented 40 subjects with vignettes of actions taken by both humans and corporations to monitor brain scans of their responses. This research originally stemmed from the inquiries into the legal implication of “corporate personhood” and fact that the American legal system has extended the rights of individuals to corporations and held corporations, as a collective unit, liable. Funding for this work came from the “Initiative on Neuroscience and the Law”.

Our Brains Use Different Areas to Process People and Objects

The study went like this: The vignettes given to the participants showed actions that were positive and pro-social such as donating money, neutral such as purchasing office equipment, or anti-social such as law breaking. There was also a control of vignettes about inanimate objects such as fruit or an ironing board. Baylor College’s website reported: ”When participants made judgments about people, specific areas of the brain involved in social reasoning became active. In contrast, when participants reasoned about an object, activity in these areas was diminished.” 

The Human Brain Experiences Corporations as People

The study found that people essentially used similar parts of the brain to understand corporate and human behavior. This study which originally had to do with law has applications to how consumers relate to brands – if they’re using similar parts of the brain to understand corporate and individual human behavior, they’re essentially equating brands with people! You can read the entire paper “Are Corporations People Too?” written by Mark Plitt, Ricky R. Savjani and David M. Eagleman here.

Companies Need to Work on Reputation, Loyalty and Trust

This study gives some radical insight into how people view brands; one author of the study, David Eagleman, says it tells us that companies need to work on reputation, loyalty and trust. We’re excited to say that Eagleman, host of PBS’ The Brain and NYT best selling author will be at The Market Research Event this October. Eagleman’s talk is called: “Emotion, Motivation, and Reputation: What Matters to the Mind of the Consumer.” 
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We are starting a "Color of the Month" series featuring Color Marketing Group's monthly Color Alerts on our blog. 

September's color alert is Golden "Maíz," which is a substance for life, glowing, abundant, and fulfilling. This hue resonates with history, and the future, as this color can embrace everything from food to precious metals. As a color of sustenance and wealth, warmth and health, it is a leading design hue for 2016 with the ability to change its look with materials and finishes. 

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Friday, August 26th | Judith VanVliet social links

lost in thought
with Judith VanVliet

Vice President, Communications & Public Relations, Color Marketing Group

I'm inspired by: Graffiti, tags, street art. I find the use of color & creativity on the streets, but also in art galleries and museums truly inspiring. And then, there is the old "people watching."
To me, brilliant is: How Pokémon Go has completely turned our worlds upside down in a single day. It shows how much we need to escape from reality and our need to play, even as adults.
My favorite app: It may be old school maybe but it is definitely Instagram. Still not a great fan of Snapchat but getting there.
When I'm having a creative block: I get out of the office and walk/jog, and train rides also give me time to daydream and here, most new ideas start.
My favorite brand: I do not have one favorite brand but my favorite shop at now is the concept store M Collective in Milan - great mix of brands for the modern male and female fashion.
My favorite color: As Color Designer I do not have a favorite color as I fall in love with new colors almost daily. It sounds weird, but when you are surrounded by 40.000 colors each day at the office and new ones coming in weekly, you'd understand. My current favorite is a purplish light blue.
My dream project: I am a big dreamer but at now it would be to present our color trends on true objects during Salone del Mobile in Milan.
The best advice I ever received: Be true to yourself. It is hard in today's world, but keep reminding myself.
The very next thing on my to-do list: Prepare my homework presentation for the ColorForward 2018 consumer color directions.
My dream collaborator: I am personally a big fan of Céline hand bags & their colors, so one day working with Phoebe Philo or even meeting her would be a true dream come true.
At least once, everyone should: Work and live in a different country. An experience that changes you for life & vision. Don't get stuck in one moment, one life, one country, one job. Change is hard but often for the better.
The best way to unwind after a long day: A glass of great red wine accompanied by amazing food
If I had a one year sabbatical, I would: travel a lot for work, but I never see much of the beautiful countries that I visit, so I'd travel the world! Learn a new language. I speak five, but would love to learn more!
The most overused word in meetings today: Disruptive innovation.
At the moment, I'm obsessed with: Avocado's, specifically guacamole after my business trip in Mexico.
As of now, I'm totally over: The current media. It's all negative, political situations, economic downturn, terrorism, it feels like propaganda so I have stopped checking the news or TV on a regular basis.
I'd define my personal style as: Comfortable yet stylish & with a smile.
My tools of the trade are: My enthusiasm and passion. I am a do-er and very action minded.
The biggest thing that has changed since I started in the industry: Everyone seems to be in color and color forecasting.
I'm happiest when: Having a great dinner with my beloved friends & family. I am a social animal & a foodie.
I wish I could: Fly back in time and visit a Janis Joplin concert.
I'm proud that: I got elected as Vice President on the EC board of CMG.
My playlist is: Anything from Janis Joplin to Miles David, Johnny Cash to Depeche Mode, depending on my mood. Music truly saves lives.
You can usually find me: Hiding in the bathroom when I need time for myself.
The last stamp on my passport: Colombia
The next stamp on my passport: Brazil
When I look back on my career: I never would have thought five years ago I'd be in this position. Seven years ago I turned around my life, quit my job, sold my house and moved from the Netherlands to Italy to start over. Leaving the world of colors was hard and I never thought I'd return, but here I am!
I still hope to: Ambition is a bitch, I want to grow and learn more and inspire more brands and companies to use the correct color for their designs and products.
Find out more about his participation in FUSE arrow © 2016 IIR Holdings, LTD. All Rights Reserved.
How can you ensure your design connects with future consumers?

Trends are ever changing and it seems almost impossible to keep up, how can you stay ahead of the trends and design for what’s next? To remain on the cutting edge it is essential to identify key trends that will allow you to create designs that motivate, inspire and drive your business forward.  At Foresight & Trends you will receive the inspiration, insight, tools and processes necessary that will ensure future growth and success. 

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Here are a few sessions we thought you would be interested in:

·         Using Storytelling and Design to Build Iconic Brands - Vince Voron,Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Global Brand Content Marketing, Dolby
·         Designing for Indulgence - Emily Empel,Head of Futures, Idea Couture
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·         The New Premium - Mike Milley, Director of Creative Consulting, BMW Group Designworks
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Friday, August 5th | Vicki Young social links

lost in thought
with Vicki Young

Director & Founder, Nalla Design

I'm inspired by everything in life. Everything you see every day can be an inspiration. So for me it's about opening my eyes, ears and heart.
To me, brilliant is anything that makes me smile, I love witty approaches and things that surprise me.
My favorite app is Citymapper.
When I'm having a creative block I walk my dog, usually around the local park. I also find running on the treadmill really meditative.
My favorite brand is Waitrose - they have done a great job at really sticking to their values of quality even though a recession.
My favorite color is yellow - the color of sunshine.
My dream project is to rebrand an art space/center, I'd love to work on a project that fuses culture and great branding.
The best advice I ever received was "be more you."
The very next thing on my to-do list is to book a haircut! Days, weeks, months go so quick with work that I forget about the everyday living part!
My dream collaborator would be working with Eva Zeisel. She was an amazing potter that worked right up until the age of 105 before she died. I collect her work it's so sensitive and beautiful, I would have loved to have met her.
The best way to unwind after a long day is sit down, have a glass of wine and relax.
At least once, everyone should hike a mountain.
If I had a one year sabbatical, I would do something that really made me grow as a person.
The most overused word in meetings today is "strategy" - but it is very important!
At FUSE London, I can't wait to meet new people, influencers and learn something new, I love learning.
At the moment, I'm obsessed with planning and implementing my to-do list.
As of now, I'm totally over a non-digital brand approach.
I'd define my personal style as honest and approachable.
My tools of the trade are CC suite, but I'm also loving excel right now!
The biggest thing that has changed since I started in the industry is the constant evolution in technology.
I'm happiest when we receive great client feedback.
I lead by trust and enthusiasm.
I wish I could have a swimming pool on our studio rooftop!
I'm proud that our studio culture remains whilst the company is growing.
My playlist is music that helps me work, both chilled and motivating.
You can usually find me dashing between meetings in the tube.
The last stamp on my passport was New Zealand.
The next stamp on my passport is Japan.
When I look back on my career I feel proud and I'm motivated to pursue more and make my dreams happen.
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