Marriott Attracts Millennials with New Brand Strategy

By: Kazon Robinson

In today’s world, being on top of trends and what is going on in media is essential. So much occurs within 24 hours it is surprising that we can keep up with it all in that amount of time. The same can be said with generational gaps and the differences that reside with them. For example, when it comes to us millennials, while picking up traits of our preceding generation, we are unique in our own way.

In fact, Marriott has decided to change its branding strategy to pull us millennials in. As shown in this Brand Channel article, they are trying a different approach. Instead of, “…big, uniform chains to cater to the 80 million U.S. millennial travelers with 1.4 trillion in their pockets to spend.”

There is a clear generational difference between baby boomers and millennials and Marriott has been tracking the shift. Instead of wanting, “familiarity, safety, and comfort” similar to boomers, Millennials want a place with a sense of community but needed improvement.

However, the company was stumped trying to figure out how to change their huge size from a downfall to an amazing asset. Thankfully, Marriott had come to a solution to remedy this downfall and convert it into something successful.  The resolution was to call upon hotel employees and local entrepreneurs to innovate on particular hotels concerning hotel food, beverages, and services provided within a six months to implement these ideas.

The end result was different businesses being built. For example, in London a Marriott Restaurant manager created the RoofNic. The RoofNic is a pop up restaurant. Another good example is in Dubai where there is the nightclub the Square which is on the fifth floor of JW Marriott Marquis.

Marriott continues to sweeten their deal for us Millennials by, “…getting into the music business with Universal Music Group bringing their clients to Marriott’s venues.”  All these excellent ways to innovate Marriott to a new generation is a necessary step to improve Marriott’s gain. These business operations are in fact a symbiotic relationship between Millennials and Marriott. Both parties gain something beneficial from the other’s experiences and actions.

About the Author: Kazon Robinson is currently a Marketing Intern at IIR USA and a high school student at All Hallows. Kazon helps oversee and revise the data entry of spreadsheets with information relating to investors, twitter handles, and conferences. He also has experience interacting with other writers from participating in the AH Writers and Authors Club. He has previously worked at Bronxworks Betances Community Center as an Office Assistant where he provided professional service and directions for callers. He can be reached



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