This Week In Design & Brand Strategy: 7/6/15 - 7/10/15

Increasing Your Creativity: Neuroscience says these 8thing will help you out

What Deadlines Are Doing To Your Creativity: Anxiety kills creativity

Interview With Graphic Designer Kevin Chao via Designboom

Did Mcdonald's Steal Its New Packaging From a Grad Student? You be the judge

Branding Secrets To Help Boost Website Conversions: Keeping the mobile audience in mind

Atlanta United Has A Bad Name... But its branding is surprisingly on point

Find Fu*king Peace With A Profanity Laced Meditation Guide

Disappearing Ads: St-Germain launching films on periscope that vanish after 24 hours

Taking Vehicle Branding Above And Beyond: Graffiti marketing in South Africa

Demystifying Millennials For Packaging Designers: Can you inspire millennials with packaging?

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