This Week In Design & Brand Strategy: 5/11/15 - 5/15/15

Your Co-workers May Soon Be Robots: 8 Jobs that are being threatened by robots

De-Google Your Life: If you care about privacy its worth the hassle

Verizon's Acquisition Of AOL: Video is a key lure

Netflix CEO: Linear TV faces extinctions and 4K's future is on the internet

Your 'Napkin Idea' Could Be Worth $500K: Pre-seed investors will offer $500K for best idea written on a napkin

4 Tips For Cultivating Design Leadership At Big Locations

Here's Why Tesla's Battery Is A Big Deal: Living up to the hype

Welcome To The Age Of The Modular Gadget: The technology is controlling us and it should be vice verse

Should You Ditch '.com?' 4 Reasons switching to other domains may be helpful

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