5 Ways to Embrace Creative Failure

“Creativity is often portrayed as a lightning bolt that strikes without warning, leaving a sudden burst of ideas in its wake,” according to Josh Linkner of Forbes. But, that’s not how it really works.

Success when it comes to creativity does not come easy. Only those who strive to reach to the very top of their career find true success and accomplishment. As designers and brand strategists in a creative line of work, you strive for success in your projects, brands, and companies every single day. But the reality is, everyone fails, even you. In order to succeed as a creative professional in today’s competitive world, you have to make mistakes along your journey to that brilliant finish.

Sadly, our society has been teaching an aversion to failure for many generations. As children, we were taught to follow the rules, that there’s only one right answer, and most importantly, not to make any mistakes. But, we need to stop feeding our fear of failure and embrace it and all the mistakes that come along with it.

Fortunately, with every mistake, comes learning and eventually, success. Learning how to handle your mistakes is a huge part of success. According to Design Taxi, here are some easy ways to handle failure:

Accept your mistakes. Nobody is perfect as humans by nature are flawed. Many creatives strive for perfection, but you must learn to acknowledge that you can make mistakes in your career. If you don’t recognize your mistakes, then you will never be able to identify what caused failure. 

Understand what went wrong. You must sit down and assess what went wrong and you can then analyze the situation. This is will help you in understanding what went wrong and how you can prevent it from happening again. 

Learn. Learn to take lessons from your past. Figure out why that lead to your previous failure and plan so that you don’t face any similar disappointment in the future.

Let it go. Let go of the past. Some people have a bad habit of recollecting disappointments throughout their lives. This not only takes away from your work, but it also hinders your future prospects

Don’t give up.  Stay determined. Some creative who fail at first, give up instantly. But, you should never give up as success takes time and effort.

About the Author: Amanda Ciccatelli, Social Media Strategist of the Marketing Division at IIR USA, has a background in digital and print journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing, and technology. Amanda is the Editor at Large for several of IIR’s blogs including Next Big DesignCustomers 1stDigital Impact, STEAM Accelerator and ProjectWorld and World Congress for Business Analysts, and a regular contributor to Front End of Innovation and The Market Research Event,. She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web Editor where she covered breaking news and feature stories in the technology industry. She can be reached at aciccatelli@iirusa.com. Follow her at @AmandaCicc.



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