It’s Time to Evaluate Your Client & Agency Relationships

Even the best client & agency relationships need to be evaluated...

Let’s get down to the facts:
Fact: 88% of clients claim to speak their mind freely to their agency while 36% of agency partners would agree
Fact: 90% of agencies say they truly understand their clients business but only 65% of the other halves agree

As you can see, there is a big disconnect here and it leads you to wonder what other vital information is your counterpart missing?

Join us next month at the Client & Agency Summit where we break down the walls in these relationships and get to the core of what you expect and need from your agency or client. We created this summit to expose the issues in seemingly perfect relationships and help you work towards being better… together.
Client & Summit brought to you by FUSE
December 9, 2014 // New York City

View the full agenda here:

Here’s the Inspirational Speaker Line-Up:
Sarah Armstrong
Director, Worldwide Agency Operations
The Coca-Cola Company

Brett Colbert
Chief Procurement Officer
MDC Partners

Ed McFadden
Senior Group Manager, PMG

Stephen Gates
Vice President and Creative Director, Global Brand Design
Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

Bob Kantor
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
MDC Partners

In the spirit of truly meaningful relationships, we are offering a group discount - Register 2 people for $800! Invite your client, or your agency representative, this is an event that you don't want to miss. Register here:


The FUSE Agency Client Summit Team



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