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  • CONTEXTUALIZATION: See how companies are translating trends into opportunity through ground breaking case studies. Hear about successful real world application of trends from companies such as The Coca Cola Company, Tesla Motors, Yahoo!, General Motors, Lowe's Home Improvement, Universal Music Group,  Walt Disney International, Campbell Soup Company, Lululemon, Chrysler Group, Whole Foods Market, The Hershey Company, Hyatt Hotels, Xerox, Hallmark Cards, The Dannon Company, and many more... 
  • EXPERIENTIAL:  Takes you outside the conference walls and into the heart of innovative organizations that are creating the future. Stimulate your mind by joining us for the tour of University of Southern California's (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies and experience the latest 3D, virtual humans/avatar and immersive technologies or at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Managed for NASA, JPL is the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system. And, don't miss the Kick-off Cocktail Reception at Oblong Industries, who are mastering the Technology Envisioned in "Minority Report" and "Iron Man", hear how it is already transforming workplace collaboration and big data visualization.
  • VISION: Uncover what's next through visionary keynotes. From understanding the new consumer, to empowering your organization to say "yes" to innovation - FT'14 Keynotes will cover trend implementation from A-Z. Learn the secrets of successful CEOs, leading brands, and innovators who have hunted and captured new opportunity. Speakers include former Chief Scientist of Amazon, Andreas Weingend, VP of Innovation at Deckers, Stuart Jenkins, VP of Global Management Strategies at The Estee Lauder Companies, Mark Polson, and other leading global visionaries.
  • IMPLEMENTATION:  Allows you to be hands-on through innovative workshops. Learn how to translate trends into commercial opportunities by participating in workshops from leading actioners. Take advantage of sessions like Why 2020's Strongest Brands & Companies Are Already Using Wellbeing As a Core Strategy by Tom LaForge, Global Director, Human & Cultural Insights at The Coca-Cola Company and Renee Moorefield, PhD, CEO, Wisdom Works Group

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On Tuesday, the much-anticipated Apple Watch was finally revealed alongside the new iPhone 6.  It’s easy to dismiss this as just another new tech product launch in an overly crowded market, with other companies like Samsung, LG, and Motorola who have already made their mark in the space.  But, don’t be so easy to judge - if you look closely at the Apple Watch, you can see the tech giant executed some seriously innovative ideas that are set to impact the future of technology design.

Here are some key design takeaways from the Apple Watch, according to Fast Company:

Security Over Ease Of Use: Apple talked a great deal about payments in their launch presentation- how NFC (or near field communication) chips in their new iPhones and Apple Watch will enable you to make a credit card payment by holding your phone or watch against a payment plate. But, it’s not that simple - if it were this simple, you could check out with a wave of your hand. Apple is still having you confirm every payment with the iPhone's Touch ID thumbprint sensor. This extra step will mean that paying for things won’t be as simple as making a gesture and credit card companies will have to continue keeping a close eye on card security.

Customizable Products Are Here to Stay: The Apple Watch can be customized a many different ways including the band, the hardware, and the digital watchface. And, Apple isn’t the first electronics company to offer a mass customizable product, but it has been a one-size-fits-all company. For over 10 years,  the company’s has offered a product in a small handful of colors. The Apple Watch admits that a few colors is no longer enough because it’s no longer just an electronic – it’s a fashion statement.

Gadgets Get Luxurious: Apple has released its first product made of gold. Not just gold paint (like the Kardashian phone) but 18-carat gold around the bezel.  As our gadgets become fashion accessories--and in this case, jewelry even--they will naturally adopt the glitzy materials used for centuries in those fields.

Digital Can Be Intimate:  Apple’s most surprising feature of their new watch called “Digital Touch” connects us on a very physical, intimate level.  By accessing your contacts, you cannot just message them, but draw them a quick scribble, send them a series of taps, even share your heartbeat, which will pulse away on their wrist. 

About the Author: Amanda Ciccatelli, Social Media Strategist of the Marketing Division at IIR USA, has a background in digital and print journalism, covering a variety of topics in business strategy, marketing, and technology. Amanda is the Editor at Large for several of IIR’s blogs including Next Big DesignCustomers 1stDigital Impact, STEAM Accelerator and ProjectWorld and World Congress for Business Analysts, and a regular contributor to Front End of Innovation and The Market Research Event,. She previously worked at Technology Marketing Corporation as a Web Editor where she covered breaking news and feature stories in the technology industry. She can be reached at Follow her at @AmandaCicc.   
A truly great company logo becomes synonymous with its identity. For instance, McDonald’s golden arches, Apple’s apple, Coca-Cola’s cursive typeface, Nike’s swoosh and all of those iconic brand images stuck in your head. But what does a logo say about your company? 

Check out this infographic designed by 123Print about what a logo means to a company

What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business?

by 123Print.

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