How to Create a Comprehensive Brand Strategy

Your brand is not determined by a logo. Your brand is what people perceive or feel when they consume your content or buy your products. Your brand strategy is created by your core products, your mission, and the target audience you are trying to reach.

According to Business2Community, here are six steps to creating a comprehensive brand strategy:

Strive for Emotional Connections
You have to connect emotionally with your audience beyond the sale.  Business owners should have the goal of inspiring an emotional connection in their audience and really try to understand your customers and what they want from your company. Once you understand their needs, you’ll be able to identify how to strike an emotional connection with your target market.

Nurture Connections
Think about the companies that treat both their customers and their employees well. Companies like Costco thrived even during the recession, because not only does the company appeal to both lower and higher income consumers, but it’s earned a great reputation for how well they treat their employees.

It Must Reinforce Your Brand’s Message
Specifically, on social media it is easy to assume that posting a humorous photo or video will engage your audience. However, instead of being engaged, your audience might just end up confused if it doesn’t fit your brand’s message.

Measure Your Efforts
You have to measure results, monitor your campaign’s effect, and determine whether or not your strategy was successful. If people aren’t responding like you’d planned, then your campaign needs a makeover. The ability to be flexible and evolve with new strategies is the key to long-term branding success.

Solve Specific Problems
If you own a restaurant that specializes in artisan-style pizza, you must go beyond just selling good pizza. Maybe you pair pizza with specialty craft beer? Maybe the pizza ingredients are organic and your pizza boxes can be recycled as lunch boxes? Whatever your company chooses to highlight, it has to be unique enough to make you stand out from the millions of other pizza sellers.

Don’t Be Afraid to Spy

You should be aware of what strengths your competitor has, especially if they happen to be your weaknesses. Be aware of their successes and failures, how they compare to your own, and what you can learn from them. 



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