Calling all Brand Strategists, Designers, Futurists, Trend Spotters, Directors of Insight, Foresight, Innovation, Marketing, Market Research, and anyone charged with Future Planning - Uncover latent trends at 19th annual Foresight & Trends (FT'14), taking place November 11-13 in Los Angeles, CA. FT'14 unites the most forward thinking, creative and innovative people from across the globe to discuss macro trends disrupting how business gets done. We are thrilled to announce the release of the conference agenda and want to personally invite you.

Download the brochure for full program details:

FT 2014 has some can't miss sessions, including:

Featured Speakers:

·         Andreas Weigend, Former Chief Scientist, AMAZON and Director, SOCIAL DATA LAB
·         Mark Demich, Vice President, HYATT HOTELS
·         Denise L. Fletcher, Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, XEROX
·         Mark Polson, Vice President, THE ESTEE LAUDER COMPANIES

And, hear how these leading companies are implementing trends and how you can utilize these trends to make strategic decisions for your business that will ensure commercial success.   Speaking Companies Include: HALLMARK CARDS, INC. » HERSHEY'S » WHOLE FOODS MARKET » TESLA MOTORS » THE DANNON COMPANY » DISNEY » COCA-COLA » GENERAL MOTORS » And, many more!

Exploration sessions:

Exploration sessions take you outside the conference walls and into companies and organizations that are leading the way in game changing technologies. These exciting field trips are limited to 20 people - so book early to secure your place!
 ·         The Institute for Creative Technologies where you will experience the latest in 3D, Virtual humans/avatar and immersive technologies
·         Jet Propulsion Lab which is the leading US center for robotic exploration of the solar system.
·         And, don't miss the Off Site Kick-off Cocktail Reception & Exploration of Oblong Industries 

Cross Pollination:

Foresight and Trends unites people across functionalities, cultures, boarders and disciplines. Find out how FT'14 is relevant for you: Download the agenda to see the speaker faculty along with full detail on Exploration, Contextualization, Vision, and Skill Building sessions which cater to the specific needs of YOUR role:

·         Market Research and Insights
·         Innovation
·         Trends and Futuring
·         Brand Strategy and Design
·         Marketing and Strategy

Join leading executives across functions and industries and discover how to make strategic choices for your business using trends to dictate how you PLAY to WIN.

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Foresight & Trends Team

For the first time ever, IIR is proud to present the Foresight & Trends Digital Package:

Unable to attend Foresight & Trends? You can now get access to visionary speakers and innovative knowledge from the 2013 event in the comfort of your own office or home. Geographic and budget restraints no longer need to hinder your personal and company growth. You will receive 9 Videos, 16 presentations and 5 executive summaries covering a gamut of hot topics including: Trends, Innovation, Insights, Design and Branding.

Video Presentations from the 2013 Foresight & Trends Conference:

•             Visionary Thinking, Global Testing, Practical Applications & Tool Building
Stephen Webster, Global Design Director, Mary Kay
•             How to Make the Selfish Permissible: The Future of Luxury
Richard Wise, Global Brand Anthropologist and Futurist, Consultant, WWP Network
•             “Heat is Evil” Cold Pressed Green Juice
Jimmy Rosenberg, Chief Juice Officer (CJO) and Founder, Evolution Fresh
•             Era of Transition, Reset Your Mental
Tony Bosma, Futurist, Trendwatcher at Ordina, Founder, Extend Limits
•             The Upcoming Revolution of the Data Slaves
Peter Vander Auwera, Co-Founder, Innotribe, the Innovation Initiative of Swift
•             Youth Trends
Tom Palmaerts, Trendwatcher, Partner at Trendwolves

And more!

Plus, get presentation slides from 16 FT sessions including: IBM, PG&E Utility, Sony, Daimler, Unreasonable Group, Grid Logistics Inc, Elephant Ventures, StartupNectar, and more.
In addition, you will have access to the executive summaries featuring key takeaways from 2013 IIR Marketing & Strategy Division conferences: The Market Research Event, Front End of Innovation, FUSE, The Future of Consumer Intelligence and Shopper Insights in Action.

Purchase today for $199 to gain the insight that has our attendees coming back year after year:

“If you want to understand the Zeitgeist of tomorrow’s world, Foresight & Trends is the place to be. With cool provocative speakers, future themes and high quality techniques discussed, a great experience for professionals active in the field of strategy, trends and forecasting. I look forward this year again and be on the edge of the trends of today and tomorrow!” - Jaspar Roos, Chief Inspiration Officer and Innovator

Save the Date: Foresight & Trends 2014 – November 11-13, 2014 in Los Angeles, CA. Register today:

Today, business leaders are completely and utterly focused on productivity. Meanwhile, creativity is the spark of a new idea so incredible that it interrupts whatever you’re doing to get it onto paper. Creativity leads to productivity, if that workplace environment is developed and nurtured in a way that allows the two to peacefully co-exist. 

According to a recent article by Boland Jones, founder and CEO of PGi, here are five ways that fostering creativity in your organization leads to productivity:

1. Encouraging creativity promotes no boundaries. No one knows where the next big idea will come from, but it won’t come from “the land of we’ve always done it this way.” Innovative ideas are shaping environments where creativity can flourish turns work into a place without boundaries, where the processes of last year can be forgotten.

2. Creativity tackles big problems. Productivity is often envisioned as dealing with the same tasks over and over. While this can be positive for business, it can also prevent workers from challenging themselves to tackle bigger problems. Encouraging creative thinking leads to employees' seeing the bigger picture and leveraging productive focus on issues with a deeper impact.

3. Fostering creativity shows employees they can change the workplace. Letting people make a visible, tangible impact on their work environment is a powerful motivator. No one wants to feel like a drone, mindlessly working through a task list having no apparent meaningful impact. One of the keys to nurturing a creative workplace is to give all workers a way to voice their ideas.

4. Creativity gets people emotionally invested. For many people, especially entrepreneurs, that passion comes easy. But for some, sparking that passion in the workplace requires a more motivation. Regardless of their department or role, workers who participate in the creative process can take ownership of an idea rather than a to-do list. When staffers can own an idea from the beginning all the way to its execution, they become more passionate and will work harder to see that idea come to life.

5. Promoting creativity removes the fear of failure. A key component of fostering a creative environment is giving people the freedom to fail. The fear of failure cripples creative environments as well as the flow of ideas and ultimately productivity. Fear keeps us coloring between the lines, removing all possibility of improving, streamlining or creating more effective ways to work. 

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