The Promise of Unstructured Creativity

Filmmaker Bianca Giaever recently captured the spirit of free, optimistic creativity with her short film called “New York City!” She created the film with five recent post-grads who’d recently moved to NYC to pursue the arts.

Drawing on her experience as a radio producer and filmmaker, Giaever wrote down a list of questions like “What are your New Year’s Resolutions?” “How does your Mom dance?” and “Tell me about your last relationship.” From these stories, patterns emerged.

“There was lots of talk about being in New York and trying to figure out what you’re doing every day and how you stay motivated to keep making things. And so on the last day we came together and recalled our favorite things that other people said and quickly recorded those lines. They were really disjointed but the goal was to just express the feeling and energy we all had about being in the city,” Giaever told Fast Company.

The film is not really speaking to any greater goal, but at its core it exudes that naïve and infectious promise of unstructured creativity. Not to mention, it is a reminder of how letting go of purpose and process can be creatively stimulating.

Watch Bianca’s full film below:

New York City! from Bianca Giaever on Vimeo.
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