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A recent Coca-Cola ad has made the Social Media circuit. While many appreciate the humor and sentiment, many video commenters question whether Coke is being true to their brand with this advertisement.

Coke's brand, as I blogged about last year, focuses on bringing people together, creating harmony between peoples everywhere.  This new ad, in a unique and clever way, still stays true to the brand.  It's about bringing people together - all they need to do is put on the Social Media Guard and experience people and world around them!

What makes this ad even more interesting is that there is the theory that declining Coke sales may indeed be due to social media and the prevalence of anti-sugar information available.

Design is about creating a memorable experience (whether it be through products, services, ads, etc.) at the intersection of perception and reality.  Coca-Cola has done this cleverly with this piece.

At this year's FUSE 2014 conference, Indra Nooyi,  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, of  PepsiCo, Inc. will be joined on stage by Mauro Porcini, SVP, Chief Design Officer.  In the opening keynote they'll ask and answer the questions: "Why Design? Why Now?"

PepsiCo is making their own waves using design.  Learn the drivers behind designing memorable experiences like these :

Pepsi SXSW Sketch from MAYA Design on Vimeo.


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