Buzz words, yes. Over-used? Maybe.

Buzz words, yes. Over-used? Maybe.

Truth, yes.

True, design has come into its own. Over the past 15 years of our firm, we’ve watched with glee as the C-Suite welcomed the discipline of design to the adult table. We’ve had great conversations with Mauro Porcini previously with 3M and now with PepsiCo. Vince Voron held the design lead title at Coke and we’ve enjoyed many conversations with him over the subject of design-centered culture. And, of course, there are many more CDOs leading the charge. The beautiful thing is those of us who design and function in the capacity of selling design services and consultancy to brands of the world, large and small, are now pushing a smaller boulder uphill.

For this, our tired backs are thankful.

We are also thankful for our collaborators and colleagues who work hard to educate on the value of design. We know it’s not just about making “pretty”. We understand that brands are critical corporate assets. Nurture them, feed them, protect them or they die.

So, FUSE is always a wonderful immersion into who’s doing what, what’s new, hints at things to come. But, if we took a shot of vodka every time someone dropped the phrase design-thinking, deep empathy, authenticity, design with a big D and transparency, we’d be a couple hundred very stylish, hip and intoxicated thinkers.

The reality is, our industry has come a long way… baby. And, the buzzwords of today, while perhaps over-used, are the product of smart and talented thought-leaders. Oh, there’s another one! Thought-leaders. Bottoms up.

Buzz words, yes. Over-used? Maybe.

Raise a glass to buzzwords tonight.



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