Why Your Brand Needs to Get Visual

Today in media, everywhere we look we are seeing a shift to visual – including photos, infographics, illustrations, slideshows, memes, videos, and any other imagery that can be engaged with and shared. With more images and fewer words, visual content is the perfect answer for our busy schedules and hyper-engaged lives. Businesses looking to make an impact in today’s world should embrace this shift and the advantage that visuals provide to be seen and heard — quickly, clearly, and powerfully.

According to re:Design, here are 12 reasons why:

Visual focuses a brand. A consistent, visually-powerful brand is where it all begins and what needs to be maintained — it is also where many companies falter, adding to the noise rather than cutting through it.

Visual humanizes business interactions. People tend to shy away from stuffy business images, unless they’re after a deal. Visuals are a way to make a company more approachable, especially when combined with social engagement.

Visual alleviates confusion. A good visual strategy simplifies complex ideas, illuminates stories, improves user experiences, guides engagement, and aids customer service to help accomplish goals.

Visual energizes business. Robust branding and a visual strategy stimulates people. It excites people to work with you or use your products. It also revitalizes people inside the company as well.

Visual drives desired actions. Visuals inspire an emotional connection — the key for deeper engagement and getting your messages to resonate.

Visual harnesses scattered engagement. A consistent visual strategy is the glue that holds everything together. Rather than a disjointed effort, an effective visual strategy is seamless — online and offline.

Visual makes business social. People respond to visuals unlike any other content. People love to comment on them, laugh at them, share them, download them, and embed them.

Visual reinforces a brand story. An effective visual strategy conveys the same story at every point of engagement. Sealing what makes your company unique in the minds of your customers is the difference between standing apart and blending in.

Visual unifies diverse messages. Businesses have many messages they need to communicate to their various customers and niche markets. A visual campaign makes a powerful statement that brings them all together under one brand umbrella.

Visual establishes trust. Businesses that button-up their brands and communications in a way that presents a well thought out, quality organization, will always be more credible than those that do not. The thinking goes that if they are this together with themselves, they’ll be this together with the rest of their business operations too.

Visual inspires brand advocates. Great brands turn loyal fans into those who will also advocate for you. A visual strategy provides them the tools they need to share with their friends and tell the world what they think of you.

Visual expands influence. The more a company can harness its brand into a powerful force that people easily recognize and want to help promote — the broader the net will be cast to spread its influence and expand its markets. 

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