Vince Voron Pushes Change in the Role of Design at Coca-Cola

At FUSE 2013 Vince Voron, AVP & Head of Design for Coca-Cola North America, discusses pushing change to the role of the designer in an organization and what it takes to be influential as a designer.

Today, the role of the designer in a large organization is best suited to the innovative integrator. The designer should actively help affect change within the company as well as provoke, inspire, and connect in order to bring about positive business change through design.

In a lot of corporations, design is misunderstood and designers themselves are misunderstood. Designers are able to differentiate themselves which can actually help them be great brand partners because they are able to create visual design systems to help brands differentiate themselves from competitors.

Check out the full interview below:

Vince Voron of the Coca-Cola Company from IIR USA on Vimeo.

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