How Mobile is Influencing Design

Everyone talks about mobile these days. So, how has mobile influence design?  At FUSE 2013 Milissa Tarquini, Vice President of User Experience & Design at Scripps Networks, discussed how mobile continues to influence design and shares some tips on how to design for mobile.

Design has been greatly influenced by mobile because of limitations of screen size and the limitations of devices, according to Tarquini.  “Designers have to be ruthless about what goes on any given screen at any given time and really think about their users and what their users are trying to accomplish,” she explained.

In digital design it was always about the desktop – someone sitting down to interact with something, and that’s not the way it is anymore. Now, it’s about what people are doing in the real world and what products you are bringing them that help them.

With her extensive experience, she has learned some dos and don’ts about designing in the mobile space. Tarquini suggests, “Get a stack of index cards and a sharpie and think about what fits on this tiny little screen that my fat fingers can press on that’s of value to me right now.”

“To be a designer, you have to be able to separate yourself from the things that you design, which is not intuitive and is not what a designer naturally does,” she said. When audiences look at things and have negative things to say about them, it’s crushing, but you have to get over that.”

Designing for mobile has been some of the most toughening experiences for Tarquini. If, as designer, you can choose what battles to fight, it’s critical. The most important thing is creating experiences that are usable, but not perfect.

Check out the full interview below:

Milissa Tarquini of Scripps Networks Inc. from IIR USA on Vimeo.

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