Predicting the future. April 15th.

 (AKA: My Day One Agenda for FUSE)

7:37 am: Straighten and restraighten my name badge. Update social media (tweet once, check in on Foursquare). Do some mingling. Get a feel for the setting. Smile awkwardly at the familiar faces of strangers as I wander around.

8:26 am: Shuffle to my seat and sit down. Cross and uncross my legs. Cross them again. Prepare to listen to John get us started and for Tina to speak about holistic design at Fisher-Price.

9:43 am: Switch gears and move to Sonia’s discussion on Morrisons banishing of “good better best.” Think to myself that this is an interesting subject headline as target has been doing this for almost a decade now. Curiosity sparked, take notes.

10:24 am: Wander out to “network” and shake a few hands. Whip out my travel-sized hand sanitizer. Tweet about the brief but wickedly cool conversation just had with Vince Voron about how he babysat Steve Job's kids.

10:55 am: Secure my seat early for Scott’s presentation on music in a brand experience, have my iPad out and ready to take more notes.  

11:42 am: Prepare to write about Chris Down at Mattel, think about my own son who might say, “the bid-ness of play” and anxiously wonder about what inspiration Chris has for the eager (and slightly hungry) audience.  

11:47 am: Start a blog post on my morning thoughts; upload it at 12:28 pm, Tweet. (Rave reviews in digital with 103 comments and only 48 are spam, one by Seth Godin). 

12:35 pm: Strut into lunch area, all full of myself because Seth Godin commented on my blog post. Stumble and nearly miss my chair sitting down at the table. Head properly returned from the clouds. Read to refuel.

1:40 pm: Settle in to learn about Mary Kay from Stephen Webster. Let my mind wander. Images of Stephen driving a pink Cadillac flash through my mind. Suddenly these images appear in my notebook, how did that happen? Notes.

2:35 pm: Arrive late to CNN discussion by Marisa (only because of switching rooms) find a seat at the back and listen intently. More notes.

3:12 pm:  Start writing what might eventually be a blog post. Colin Burns distracts me with content that equals his elegant British accent. A lot of notes.

4:03 pm: Blog post starts to finalize, finally at 4:10 post is complete and uploaded. Tweet. Post to Linked In. Wait for rave reviews. My mom comments, head once again returned from clouds.

4:15 pm: Wander out to mingle and shake a few hands. I see plenty of familiar faces and new smiling eyes.

4:25 pm: Warm up a new seat for Jared Weiner, think about what it would have been like to grow up with that last name, tough. He must have grit. Enjoy a marvelous conclusion to day one. 

FUSE does not disappoint. 

FUSE is the only conference where we have experienced a conference trifecta. A fight nearly breaking out (in a break out session, coincidentally); some of the most engaging, inspiring content presented in the ballroom; and lifelong and valued connections made in the hallways. 

If you are able to get to Chicago in the middle of April and you're in need of some inspiration, FUSE will be the place to be. You may not see a fight break out, but you will refuel your inspiration engine.

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal



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