Making the most of the FUSE experience

I am anxiously awaiting my full immersion in the FUSE experience this coming week.  I attended the very first FUSE conference, and along with a number of other true advocates, I believe I have been to every one since.

The symposia and conference talks are extraordinary in their focus on the brand identity strategy and design industry.  They offer a keen grasp on our evolving issues.   Many talks are case study based, honest and information rich. And while I value these, I also enjoy those inspirational talks that challenge expectations.  I'm often hard pressed to make a decision between talks once they break into tracks.

As informative as the sessions are, I often get as much value in conversations around the coffee urn and during lunch and cocktail receptions.   Because FUSE is not an event, its a community.  Its not just about learning, its about sharing insights with kindred industry thought leaders.

And so my recommendations about how to gain the most from our collective experience?  Engage and be engaging. Ask questions. Offer solutions.  Sit in a different place for every talk.  Meet new people and gain new perspectives.  You will return richer and more energized by the experience.

Welcome to the community.  See you in Chicago!

Rob Wallace



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