Live From FUSE2013 - Telling Compelling Brand Stories Across Media - A Co-Created Experience with Steve Peters

Steve Peters, Founder of No Mimes Media, gave a brilliant session on crafting stories across media.  What made this especially powerful was that instead of merely telling us what a story could be like, he instead immersed the entire audience in the story, making the session participatory and a co-created experience.

The emphasized that the goal of the story is to make people feel like they're in a movie, not merely digesting a commercial.  This was wonderfully highlighted through the below snippet from A Christmas Story.

Media is being used now as it's always been used.  To be the vehicle for commercials.

He pointed out that using various media creatively will take a while to become common place, as it is analogous to what happened in early films.  Those early movies were essentially successive pictures on an uncut reel of film, and it took a while before filmmaking became an art and a science of its own.

Truly a wonderful, whimsical, and thought provoking session to end FUSE2013. 

How will you weave multiple strands of media into the story of your brand?



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