Designing an authentic brand : One Love Organics

Kendra at One Love Organics on Tom's Shoes, "when discussing Tom's Shoes with someone from the shoe industry they said no one in the shoe world would have seen that business model work. He (Tom) is a business-person, not a shoe guy." 

An industry outsider designs a new and perhaps better shoe business. 

A designer (Kendra), lawyer (partner two) and formulator (partner three) design a better beauty brand. The correlation is clear: if you're not steeped in the industry it may just be the advantage to designing a new perspective on beauty. One Love Organics, for example, is handmade beauty products. 

Yes, read it again, handmade beauty products. Who does this? Certainly not someone steeped in the standard practices of the beauty industry. This is pulled directly from the web site, in case you don't believe:

"One Love Organics is a natural, ethical and environmentally driven cosmetics company created by skilled cosmetic artisans. Our products are hand-made and hand-filled, using only the highest grade of ethically sourced raw materials to ensure the most effective, luxurious and guilt-free application."

Kendra was born in Florida on family potato farm near St. Augustine, FL., the oldest city in the US. Designing with a legacy in mind and inspired by the handmade nature of all things farming, you might say Kendra was meant to design this brand of beauty. 

Here's what will make this session interesting and worth staying through to the 5:00 pm session. Kendra will be talking about her two partners expertise in different areas, how they used them to start a company, how the products drove their branding, how they developed as a business, and how they used their naiveté as a competitive advantage by bending rules most would have considered untouchable.

Of course, the beauty is in the design, and One Love Organics’ design is beautiful. Kendra paid special attention to showing a touch of handmade, but avoiding homespun. Her balance of artisanal, attention to details and the quality of high-end all come together nicely in the final design. Hearing the story while seeing the design will likely make your design glands swell. 

And, if this didn't get you, it just gets more interesting. Enter scene left, Rachel Zoe, fashion stylist and Hollywood designer who, after having a baby considers not just what goes in her body, but also what goes on her body. Rachel's team bought, backed, promoted, and eventually became the new One Love Organics celebrity endorser for the whopping price tag of zero dollars, and will continue to do so as long as One Love continues to make honest, well made and well designed products.

Well, one way to put this is the marketing of this new brand is designed right into the product. Having put their interest, passion, energy and love into the design of the product and package, One Love Organics is seeing a result no ad campaign can measure or compare. 

This one will be good, that's for certain.

Immerse, enjoy, repeat. 

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal



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