All FUSE needs? YOU


Unique Perspectives

Presenting perspectives from different and parallel industries, FUSE delivers entirely new sources of inspiration. Hear from companies like Facebook, Starbucks, Mattel, Prudential, Kraft, Microsoft, Colgate-Palmolive, Target and many more.

Inspiring Voices

A hallmark of FUSE, this year we raise the bar yet again and present our best lineup of speakers yet:

On DESIGN: Jonathan Adler, World Famous Designer

On BUSINESS: Mike Indursky, CEO, Bliss World

On BRANDS: Dennis Furniss, Vice President, Global Design, Unilever

On CULTURE: Virginia Postrel, Author, The Power Glamour

On WHAT’S NEXT: Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter, Futurologist and Author, Everything We Know is Wrong!

On TRANSFORMATION: Neil Grimmer, CEO/Co-founder, CEO Plum Organics

A New Experience

Refreshing new formats mix up your experience and fulfill your yearning for so much more than powerpoint.

One Collective Voice

Join with the industry’s best as we champion a more collaborative approach to building the world’s best brands with ONE COLLECTIVE VOICE.

182% more branding and design folks than in2012

More cross industry representation than ever before: CPG client side attendees plus attendees representing the following industries: chemicals, education, energy & utilities, entertainment, financial services, gaming, health insurance, personal care, pharma/healthcare, school supplies, transportation, travel and hospitality

400% more manufacturers than in 2012

37% more decision makers in the room than in 2012

FUSE is and always has been about the people. Now, all FUSE needs, is YOU.



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