The Voice of Design : Movement

The design conversation is moving from the back stairwell and corporate kegger to weekly status meetings and boardrooms. If you're unaware of this physical and social movement, then we must ask you if you're aware of the following brands:

Yes, at one point in time it was Madmen and an advertising driven creative community—but those days are as acutely historical as this popular television show depicts the relationship between men and women. If you're still living in the 1960s, good for you and we hope you're enjoying 8track, stick shifting and telephone cords. If you're here with us in this century, you'll enjoy everything FUSE. 

FUSE is design.

FUSE is the place where the voice of design rises to dull roar on the horizon. FUSE is the place where design thinkers find others like themselves and feel so much less alone. FUSE is the place where the way we used to think about people (segments and markets) faces the fact that we are people communicating with people. FUSE is where you go if you're questioning the role of design in society, your organization or your life. FUSE is the place to refill the inspiration tank with fuel to last another year fighting stale thinkers, busted constructs and design marginalizers.

Capsule will be there. We will blog up to the event about the movement of design in a variety of industries, from what we have observed working with clients in almost every industry for fourteen short years. We hope to be setting your expectations, and opening your mind for the time you spend at FUSE 2013.

The design of everything, because everything deserves to be designed. 

Aaron Keller
Managing Principal



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