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You’ve heard it all along, this year FUSE is smashing silos and debuting new formats to completely mix up your experience and ensure you have access to the very best across industries. Because you are more than your title, department and your role, sessions are no longer labeled by department or function. At FUSE, we all have One Collective Voice.

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The Role of Insights: When To Trust Your Gut vs. Follow the Data

Building off of three years of spirited discussion focused on this topic at FUSE, this moderated, interactive discussion will discuss the evolving role of insights in the development of brand strategy, communications and design. At what point in the process does insights stand to have the most influence and, at the end of the day, how improved is the brand experience because of it?
Get the “behind the scene” scoop

Reanimating an IconWendy Orner, Design Leader, Surface Care, P&G

P&G needed to reinvigorate a tired but well known brand. By mining the rich heritage and finding the “fruits in the roots,”  Design lead the restage and created a bold new look for a brand that had lost its way.

Elevating the AT&T Customer Experience: "It’s What You Do With What We Do"Gregg Heard, VP of Brand Identity, AT&T

Through their emphasis on developments in their brand identity programs—visual, sonic and verbal— and the launch of an interactive store experience, AT&T set out to brand the intangible parts of the experience. This session discusses AT&T’s design initiatives that focus on the customer’s application of their technology, encourage customer engagement, and foster innovation.
Three panelists, Three different functions within the organization

Brand Differentiation Through DesignMelissa Smith Hazen, Director OWN Brands Design, AHOLD USAJosh Handy, Industrial Designer, MethodSuzanne El-Moursi, Chief Marketing Officer, Power2Switch

Some of today’s most recognizable brands like Apple and Target to name just two have leveraged design as a strategic lever to stand out from competition and inspire brand love and passionate loyalty. Representing perspectives from strategic design, industrial design and marketing, this panel will discuss how you can make design work even harder for your brands.
Three panelists, Three different industries

Design Thinking: Championing the Strategic Integration of Design Within Your OrganizationSean Hughes, Chief Design Officer, Philips HealthcareWilly Wong, Chief Creative Officer, NYC & CoVince Voron, Head of Design, The Coca-Cola Company

We all believe in the strategic power of design to ignite brand growth, build trust with consumers and differentiate brands from competition. This panel unites the most inspiring and influential design leaders to share how to strategically elevate the influence and impact of design within your organization and the potential for collaboration at the most strategic levels.
Interviews with today’s most influential brand owners

Kendra Inman, Creative Director and Co-founder, One Love Organics on Creating Authentic Brands

Question everything. How starting with “beginner’s mind” helped us launch an innovative, values-based, natural beauty brand. By starting with what seemed, at the time, like a simple question, we built the foundation for an authentic, unique brand in a hypersaturated, often superficial market.
Experts share thought leadership, success stories and award winning work.
Designing in the Fifth Dimension.Peter Clarke CEO and Founder and Marcus Hewitt, CCO, Product Ventures

In a world previously constrained by space (3D) and time (4D) the emergence of the elusive fifth dimension (5D) changes the future of design by increasing its probability of success. Our unique perspective on the holistic collaboration of graphics (2D) and structure (3D), unlock an entirely new dimension of infinite possibilities. Join us as we reveal the magic that can be created when all disciplines are in play and under one roof.

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