The future of Interaction Design: Packaging & the Internet of Things

This 18-minute "Connecting" video documentary explores the future of Interaction Design and User Experience with some of the industry's thought leaders created by Bassett & Partners.

Bassett & Partners are brand and design strategy experts who use ethnographic understanding of people to find original emotional insights. Here they explore the role of software as it is catapulting forward,and Interaction Design is seen to be not only increasing in importance dramatically, but also expected to play a leading role in shaping the coming "Internet of things."

Ultimately, when the digital and physical worlds become one, humans along with technology are potentially on the path to becoming a "super organism" capable of influencing and enabling a broad spectrum of new behaviors in the world.

 Definitely worth viewing, as we navigate a future where we are all connected in real time via products and an environment that is both intelligent and responsive.

Connecting (Full Film) from Bassett & Partners on Vimeo.

About the Author

Valerie M. Russo, Social Innovation Lead, Senior Strategist at IIR USA, has a background in technology, anthropology, marketing and publishing.  Russo has worked in a variety of digital media roles at Hachette Book Group, Aol, and Thomson Reuters. She is a published poet and maintains a literary blog. She may be reached at Follow her @Literanista.  



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