Inspiring Voices: Maria Popova on Creativity

We recently wrote of the inspiring voices that are the hallmark of the FUSE conference brand. Over the next several weeks, let's take a deeper look at some of the speakers that are going to make the FUSE 2013 our most captivating lineup to date.

This week, we're featuring:


Maria Popova is the founder and editor of Brain Pickings, has written for Wired UK, The Atlantic, Nieman Journalism Lab, The New York Times, and Design Observer, among others, and is an MIT Futures of Entertainment Fellow. She is on Twitter as @brainpicker.

Popova's session for FUSE 2013 is entitled "Anatomy of Magic: Serendipity, Discovery, and the Architecture of Combinatorial Creativity." We live in a culture nursed on the Eureka! myth of creativity. But the history of ideas tells a different story, one where creative magic comes from the alchemy of fusing existing pieces of knowledge and transmuting them into new combinations—a process driven by equal parts serendipity and purposeful grit.

In this piece on Brain Pickings, Popova wrote "Perhaps George Lois was right, after all, when he stated that creativity is discovering ideas rather than “creating” them and John Cleese correctly defined it as “a way of operating” rather than a mystical talent."

To learn more about this, or other FUSE 2013 sessions, visit the event website and download the conference brochure.  Readers of our blog can save 15% off the price of registration. Use code FUSE13BLOG to save.



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