One Collective Voice: FUSE 2013 on Brand Strategy

FUSE 2013 has promised to have an even more pronounced presence of brand strategy alongside of course, all dimensions of design. This week we wanted to take a look at some of the sessions that will bring this promise to life.

On Monday, April 15, 2013 in our Igniting Brand Growth symposium join No, I don’t drive a Pink Cadillac, But I know 40 thousand women who do: Globalizing & Modernizing a Heritage Brand with Stephen Webster, Corporate Design Director of Brand Vision, Mary Kay Global. Webster will share how an internal Brand & Design Department updated the core product line, modernized and unified the marketing materials in 37 different countries around the world, and helped to brand a new website and award winning virtual make-over App—all while gently nudging the ‘sacred cows’ off the road.

(Click here to revisit an exclusive FUSE interview with Stephen Webster.)

A Tazo® Awake™ Tea Latte
On Tuesday April 16 and Wednesday April 17, take a dip into "Stream B" for more brand strategy focused sessions. For example, in The Rebranding of Tazo Tea: A Starbucks Case Study with Daniele Monti, Creative Director, Brand Expression, Starbucks, we'll hear how the Starbucks in-house creative studio was assigned the task of fully re-thinking the Tazo tea brand that Starbucks acquiredin 1994.

Months later, the brand rolled out with new strategic positioning, visual expression, packaging, retail and ecommerce touch points. The presence of the Tazo brand in multiple channels (CPG, proprietary retail, Starbucks retail, and ecommerce) made this inter-disciplinary case study on how to hold brand vision intact as tools are being built, and how to make a once revered brand relevant again without losing its soul.

Other brand strategy focused sessions will include:

Collaborative Disruption: Innovating Brands, Business Models & Wellbeing with Pepsi
Nerf: Achieving the Impossible Through Innovation and Insights with Hasbro Sports Action

Fun is Not Good Enough: Winning at the Business of Play with Mattel, Inc.

And more!  To learn more about these, or other FUSE 2013 sessions, visit the event website and download the conference brochure.  Readers of our blog can save 15% off the price of registration. Use code FUSE13BLOG to save.



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