Meet the Inspiring Voices of FUSE 2013


They’ve become a hallmark of the FUSE experience. The keynote speakers that have graced the FUSE stage over the years are collectively the world’s best designers like Philippe Starck in 2008, the most strategic branding experts like Jim Stengel in 2010, the most intuitive trend visionaries like Michio Kaku in 2011 and the most inspiring storytellers like Joe Sabia in 2012.

This year, we raise the bar yet again and present 2013’s captivating lineup:

ON DESIGN: Jonathan Adler, World Famous Designer
ON BUSINESS: Mike Indursky, CEO, Bliss World
ON BRANDS: Dennis Furniss, Vice President Global Design, Unilever
ON CREATIVITY: Maria Popova, Founder & Editor, BrainPickings
ON WHAT’S NEXT: Magnus Lindkvist, Trendspotter, Futurologist and Author, Everything We Know is Wrong!
ON CULTURE: Virginia Postrel, Author, Substance of Style

Plus, more than 50 world-class speakers will be on hand to share their story – Visit our website and download the conference agenda for full details.

Readers of our blog can receive an exclusive 15% discount. Use code FUSE13BLOG to save.

Register on our website.

Be provoked. Be inspired. Be better. We'll see you in Chicago,
The FUSE: Design & Culture// Brand Strategy & Packaging Team



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