FUSE 2013 Program Now Available

This year, FUSE is smashing silos and debuting a more inclusive and comprehensive experience than ever before. Introducing an entire format re-invented around cohesiveness and collective-ism—we proudly unveil an agenda crafted to present choices that empower.

Visit our website to download the full program.

Our 2013 theme, One Collective Voice, celebrates a more collaborative approach to building brands through the synergy of strategy and design. With more NEW this year than ever, this FUSE is one that must not be missed.

Find it and love it at FUSE 2013:
• The perfect balance of practical and provocative
• The best brand and design work in market now and a dialogue around what’s next
• An even more pronounced focus on brand strategy
• Back by popular demand: a comprehensive focus on graphic, industrial and interactive design
• Legendary keynote lineup featuring designer Jonathan Adler, Target’s SVP of Marketing and Unilever’s Head of Global Brand Design
• Seven new session formats including FUSE Exposés, Gallery Sessions and Stories
• More industry representation provides for a richer exchange of ideas
• New Symposium on Trans-media and Interactive Design AND Igniting Brand Growth

It’s the rise of a whole new FUSE. Don’t miss it.

Readers of our blog receive an exclusive 15% discount. Use code FUSE13BLOG to save.
Register on our website.

If you have any questions about the agenda, feel free to contact me, Michelle LeBlanc at mleblanc@iirusa.com

The Fuse: Design & Culture, Brand Strategy & Packaging Team

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