Filabot: Where Customization and Sustainability Trends Meet

Let's face it: 3D printing is capital C Cool. We've heard about it's uses in everything from toys to transplants:
Keynote Karim Rashid spoke to the Fuse 2011 audience about the fact that 92% of the world's products are made by machines, but that those machines are now offering ever more customized and personalized products.
But do we really want to be living in a world that's just being filled up with more plastic stuff?

Seemingly at the exact opposite end of the spectrum from the customization trend is the sustainability trend, telling us to think responsibly, to make less and to ship less. 3D printers generally rely on plastic filament, meaning more plastic production. Enter Filabot, (pictured above) which according to this piece in Wired "promises to help turn your plastic crap into 3-D printed fanciness, alleviating one of the biggest sustainability problems for 3-D printing."

Re-using our plastic junk? Now that is very cool.

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