Draw Meaningful Customer insights from Data & Drive Innovation – Consumer Insights Web Seminar Series

Earlier this month, World Future Trends Summit speaker Rob van den Dam discussed consumer insights being the top organizational priority reported by the 2012 IBM CEO Survey. He further shared the following stats:

"More than 70 percent of CEOs are seeking a better understanding of individual customer needs and improved responsiveness.”

 “Seventy-three percent of CEOs are making significant investments in their organizations’ ability to draw meaningful customer insights from available data”

 IIR has recognized the growing importance of consumer insights and research and are happy to announce the newest addition to the Consumer Insights Webinar Series.

Join us for a new take on driving innovation in your organization through the use of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) next week, and a can’t miss look into how changing consumer priorities are effecting your brand.

How Evolutionary Algorithms are Changing Consumer Innovation 
Evolutionary Algorithms have permanently changed the way we use the internet and listen to music. In fact, EAs are the driving force behind companies like Google, Pandora and Amazon. Now, the science of Evolutionary Algorithms (EAs) is being translated across all industries and literally changing the face of innovation. This case study driven seminar will share how leading consumer driven companies like Dannon, Sprite & Fanta, as well as companies in retail, technology and financial services have implemented EAs to drive higher innovation success rates.

While consumers are not rational creatures, traditional market research often follows an assumption of complete rationality thereby limiting the consumer insights gained through those means. EAs have allowed researchers and marketers to overcome the irrationality conundrum and allow for testing of as many options as they have ideas in a quantitative, projectable manner.

This webinar will share:
 • How evolutionary algorithms are changing the way leading companies innovate
 • Case studies from products launched using EAs
 • How to test lots of ideas quantitatively
 • How EAs account for the irrational consumer mind
 • How to measure return on innovation from EAs
 • How to use consumer choice to overcome traditional limitations of concept testing

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Falling Dow + Rising Tao: What the Quest for Balance Means for Your Brand. 
Hard economic times have shifted the way consumers prioritize the pieces of their lives, and the way they select brands to help them walk their chosen path.

Using mobile and video ethnography, we capture the latest balancing act and what it means for your brand. In this webinar, learn how you can:
 • Help sustain your consumer’s household ecosystem
 • Keep your consumer’s eye on the big picture
 • Shift the focus to progress, not perfection
 • Win by understanding the new family team
 • Trade in the currency of time

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Mention your priority code, MWJ0026-BLOG, when registering.

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