We're a little late to the pickup with this one, but have you seen this little stop motion film celebrating the first 40 years of Pentagram Design?

Created by London partner Naresh Ramchandani, this is a fascinating bit of work in that it not only highlights the wide range of projects Pentagram has been involved in, but taps into that essential "storytelling" element that engages the viewer and makes you forget about being marketed to. This isn't about a design studio or showing off client work...it's dynamic personality brought to life.

If you haven't yet, take three minutes and see what we're talking about: As Hoefler+Frere-Jones concisely tweeted "BRILLIANT: Pentagram finds a way to summarize 40 exceptional years, without being self-congratulatory." Happy Birthday Pentagram.

(Hat tip to Creative Review where we first saw the piece).
At the recent Fuse Conference in Chicago, I had the chance to catch up with keynote speaker Maggie Macnab for an interview. In her inspiring keynote, Maggie discussed her creative process, permaculture as design thinking, and the power of semiotics. In this interview, we discussed design challenges, inspiration and more. Hear what Maggie had to say below:

Maggie Macnab Fuse Interview from IIR USA on Vimeo.

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