The thread for this day: Grit.

John Wayne taught us about grit. Dirty, dusty, pistol-waving grit. So when was the last time you thought about your own grit-quotient? Well, Jonah Lehrer, author of “How We Decide” and “Imagine” (and John Wayne would agree) says you must have grit to survive and thrive.

Every brand we heard from today exhibited grit.

It’s easy to acknowledge, Apple has grit. We hear their stories frequently and Vince Voron confirmed it again today (Apple didn’t shed the jewels, love it). Coca-Cola has shown their grit as well. Major kudos go to Vince for leading a shift from the protocol of putting design onto what they manufacture to now manufacturing what their designers dream.

I’ve never been concerned that Coca-Cola is going to go out of business, of course. But this rejuvenated design focus shows us even the biggest brands can’t stop innovating.

Being a Minneapolis-based firm, we are proud of many big brands right in our own backyard. So we sat up and noticed when our quiet Valspar, a private label coatings company, decided to finally recognize their brand potential. This heritage brand made a big change. New logo, new package design and a new market, means Valspar is no longer a commodity. Now they have brands with personality and an extra billion in the bank. Grit paid off, with a big B.

Mrs. Meyer's is in the business of washing away grit. While the Mrs. Meyer's experience is pleasant and the consumers are passionately loyal, the marketing / design team exhibits the grit behaviors. They thrive in one of the top five (an educated guess) most competitive categories in consumer goods. They stand up straight in the category by being authentic, community-focused, transparent and thoughtful in how they engage. Mrs Meyer’s has grit and washes away grit.

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