Speaker Spotlight: Telling Stories That Don’t Suck

As we look forward to flying off toFuse 2012 this week, we're featuring some of our exciting speakers here on the blog. Presenting "Telling Stories That Don’t Suck" at this year's Fuse will be Joe Sabia, Digital producer and Creative Consultant.

A "conceptor, creator, consultant, collaborator, and curator" Sabia will discuss the ways that video sharing has spurred arguably the most creative atmosphere for content, and fact that the stakes for stealing an audience’s attention have never been so high. His talk will highlight the success stories–and the failures–in the digital age. Creating good content–whether for advertising or just for art–must be unique and impressive if online audiences will discover it. To stand out, you must tell stories in continually novel ways.

As something fun before Fuse, check out Sabia's project History of Lyrics That Aren’t Lyrics:

In this interview with The Atlantic he further discusses the project. Want to learn more? Join us on Friday, April 20, 2012 for his session at Fuse.



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