FuseFactFriday: Simplicity or Minimalisim?

Here at the Next Big Design blog, we're already looking forward to when we will once again be heading to the FUSE conference with our popular feature from 2011: #FUSEFactFriday

Fuse Fact Friday highlights some of the key takeaways from the 2011 conference, including inspirational quotes, main themes and more. Each week, we've been diving into our 2011 executive summary and remembering some of our favorite presentations and moments from last year. Now for Friday the 13th, the final Fuse Fact Friday Fact of 2012 is:

We are actually doing more with less.

In our 2011 executive summary, Renée Whitworth of Flood Design pointed out this trend with the following examples:
"Despite the reluctance of cutting back on everything from plastic bottles to available credit, we are actually doing more with less:
• Karim Rashid confessed entrepreneurial projects are harder and less profitable but can be freer and have a radical impact on the world of design.
• Michio Kaku freaked us out by stating that our cell phones today have more computing power than the Space Shuttle in 1969.
• David Turner & Pio Schunker/Coca-Cola revealed how an heritage brand can be pared down visually by using only what is owned.
• Christine Mau/Kimberly Clark shared the tubeless toilet roll and Replenish cleaning products.
• Andrew Pek left us believing that doing the best we can might affect the state of others.
• Ian Schrager talked about things being undesigned moving forward. He believed we can “rise to the level” of less just as we once rose to the level of more.
• Johcen Eisenbrand/VITRA created a brand color palette from the chairs/pieces already produced."
And (my personal favorite):
"Jonathan Harris described minimalisim as aesthetics, but simplicity as essentials."
While doing more with less may seem like a negative to some, evoking images of cutbacks or austerity; this trend can actually provide brands with a chance to embrace new technology, reconnect with consumers or rebuild a more authentic image. How are you doing more with less?

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