#FuseDesign live: Choosing our choices

The third day of the Fuse conference started off on a truly inspirational note. We took a journey from Steve Frykholm's stories of the world of Herman Miller to Sheena Iyengar making an argument for the benefits of fewer choices to Jason Foster making an argument for a billion less plastic bottles in landfills. It was a morning for minimalism: the chair that is designed "down to the molecule," a grocery store shelf that presents 6 jams, not 24, a chance to ship just what is needed.
Too many jams via Sheena Iyengar

Is this a trend at this year's Fuse? Yesterday we heard from Steve Jones, CEO, FAIR OAKS FARMS BRANDS and Gary Chiappetta, President & Managing Partner, KALEIDOSCOPE in "An Innovator, A Collaborator, and A Cow: Branding A Better Future." Gery Chiapetta joked that Kaleidoscope had been paid to come up with a name that already existed. After research and lots of other ideas, the best choice was the authentic one. The name of the actual farm that was home to the actual cows.

In another example we heard twice in our pre-conference day of the clutter of the supermarket aisles. I have to wonder if we will all walk away from Fuse this year with a new desire to narrow down, simplify and create less clutter, both personally and professionally. How many out there will be acting on Sheena Iyengar's instructions for narrowing the choices in your life within the next 48 hours?

Michelle LeBlanc is a Social Media Strategist at IIR USA with a specialization in marketing. She may be reached at mleblanc@iirusa.com



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