STFD on your comfort zone: Part Two

If he was wise, President Obama would call on the creative community to thank us for the contributions that have led to an uptick in our country's economic condition. The design/innovation/creative communities are, after all, most likely to contribute to the top line growth in our economy. But he didn't call—so let's get back to it.

Building on last week's creative therapies, the next three are essential. Touch, Pause, Recruit.

Three // Touch:
Skin is the largest human organ, yet we often give it very little credit when it comes to how it impacts our sensory experiences. The next time you get a chance to stop and really feel something, take your time. Hold it and think about how it feels. Put it up against your face (yes, odd, but don't worry sometimes being odd is good). Now take this to another level. Touch someone. Keep if professional, but touch an arm or a shoulder and watch what it does to someone. We have become an "anti-touch" society for a variety of reasons, and to such a degree that the word "touch" often has some negative meaning. Let's take it back and connect with people through the use of touch. It is essential to human existence and connecting with the world around us.

Touch someone and then initiate a discussion about their response.

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Four // Pause:
For as long as you and I have been alive, technology has been an integral part of our everyday activity (typewriters and fountain pens count). Technology isn't the problemthe lack of a pause in our lives is the problem. Taking time to reflect lets our subconscious brain get to work processing recent activities. Take this time in any form that is comfortable to you. For me, reading allows my brain to go there. Others do yoga, meditation, or just break away for quiet time in a quiet space. Allow your mind to wander and make connections between all that you've experienced in your day. Ideas should be the outcome, but not the expectation.

Pause, listen quietly and let the powerful grey machine do what it does best.

Five // Recruit:
Many people assume social networking means sharing what you had for dinner on Twitter. Right? We've all heard someone say "I don't have time for irrelevant stuff in my lifepeople telling me when they're using the restroom." If you're on the inside you know otherwise. It's about leading an interesting life and sharing it with others who do the same. Now, when you are recruiting others to your perspective, you socialize it. This isn't blabbering about how you have designed the best lifestyle for yourself.  It's about being interesting by exhibiting authentic interest in what others are doing. The digital social spaces merely make such efforts more efficient, fasterand certainly more global in reach.

Recruit others outside their comfort zone by socializing your life, your interests and your perspective.

These five "STFD on your comfort zone" concepts are siphoned from a culture tank here at Capsule. We have found our culture is what has given us the opportunity to be successful as a firm for more than twelve years.

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Kate Smith said...

Going to go out on a limb and suggest Fast Co.Create saw this article and came up with their own related theory: How Being Uncomfortable Can Be Your Best Creative Weapon.

I think they complement one another.

Aaron Keller said...

Yes, they do. Rather insightful of you Kate.


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