FUSE University – a one day event designed specifically for students of brand and design

For more than 15 years, FUSE Design & Culture // Brand Identity & Packaging has been recognized as THE MUST ATTEND conference for the world’s top brand strategists and designers, annually uniting hundreds of executives from Fortune 500 companies.

This year, we’re thrilled to co-locate FUSE University – a one day event designed specifically for students of brand and design. The curriculum provides a taste of life in the trenches as a brand and design executive and features real world case studies shared by today’s top brands. Also featuring interactive panels designed to help students make decisions about their career (am I an agency person or a client person), FUSE U is a platform for your students to build lasting connections with the best in the industry.

If you are affiliated with a university or know students who you believe would be interested in this opportunity. Please forward this along.

The FUSE U curriculum demonstrates the BUSINESS VALUE of brands and design.

This unprecedented exposure to the “real world” will provide students with a unique edge over fellow job seekers. Providing access to the top minds in brand and design, FUSE U is not only an opportunity to learn from the best, but to access an otherwise hard to reach network to encourage relationship build with a qualified audience of professionals. Ample networking time is incorporated into the event alongside the content which doubles as a value proposition for attending. Each participant will receive a certificate of completion of the FUSE U program giving them lasting ties to a network of thousands of FUSE participants – a designation sure to set their resume apart from the proverbial “stack.”

Helping to prepare the next generation of brand and design leaders.

FUSE University is a unique opportunity for students to experience the benefits of attending in person, curated events first hand. Access to the live exchange of ideas and real time collaboration will allow them to develop the interpersonal skills they’ll need to build meaningful relationships in the workforce, while instilling an appreciation for face to face, professional knowledge swap and business networking. They will benefit from learning from some of today’s top brand and design experts as well as experience the support one feels from being part of such a unique community that facilitates lasting professional friendships.

View the FUSE University curriculum here

I hope that you will pass this information on to students you feel could benefit from this unique experience. Cheers,

The Fuse: Design & Culture, Brand Identity & Packaging Team

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