Fuse 4D: Digital and Interactive.

Brands today live across all media. This year we've added a new focus to Fuse - FUSE 4D - to delve into interactive and digital design and focus on translating brand assets and values to the interactive environment.

However, this won't be the first time the Fuse audience hears from digital and interactive designers. Last year one of our top rated speakers was Ben Blumenfeld. Ben discussed the way designers at Facebook allow the company to be more impactful and do more design more quickly and covered topics from Facebook hackathons, to "ship and iterate," to the structure of Facebook's design department.

Watch our quick video interview with Ben below to hear more about his visions on the future of design and the Fuse experience.

Learn more about our new Fuse 4D: Digital and Interactive track here.

For details about Fuse, and the Digital and Interactive track, download the brochure. We're pleased to offer readers of the Next Big Design blog 15% off of registration for this year's conference. Register with code FUSE12BLOG here.



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