Perspectives and Memes: FUSE not JUST

Wake up call.

You have been sleeping all year long.

Time to wake up to a new perspective. To face a new dimension. With a smile.

FUSE is here again with all the excitement of past years, times two. Two more dimensions (Industrial Design and Digital Design) in the form of new tracks.

Capsule has found this conference does one thing really well. It shakes your brain enough to break free some of the thought-plaque build-up. This plaque is often caused by only seeing the world through your particular discipline (marketing, design, engineering, law, etc). This conference, above many others, has been a big thought-plaque fighter for many.

How FUSE does it is a bit magical and a bit scientific, like most everything. To start, it isn't JUST, it's FUSE. It isn't just about graphic design. It isn't just about packaging design. It isn't just about brand strategy. It isn't just about advertising creative. It isn't just about research. It isn't just about industrial design. It isn't just about digital design. It isn't JUST, it's the FUSE of many disciplines.

Next, it brings together diverging thoughts and viewpoints, not just disciplines. It brings together strange bedfellows, without the beds and not a large number of fellows. But, you get the point. So much so, the audiences can sometimes out think the speaker – which makes for some interesting sessions. Last, the caliber of speakers.

FUSE is a place to wake up and exercise your brain.

Capsule will be blogging on Perspectives and Memes over the next months preceding the event. Our goal will be to start shaking the plaque loose in advance, because you know how much your dentist and heart doctor appreciates pre-work. Consider us trainers, giving you exercises to do in advance so you don't look like this is your first time at FUSE.

Think. Enjoy. Move forward.

Aaron Keller



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