Mummolo + the NFL.

Steve Mummolo, the Creative Exec of NFL Digital Media, and I had a moment to talk. 

Three interesting words came up: 
– truth, 
– performance, 
– laziness. 

Let's talk about how the three words come together and what you may hear from Steve if you spend time in his session -- which I strongly suggest.

Truth. Sometimes we get enamored with the irrelevant, thinking it will be relevant someday and then as time passes we forget and the relevance never shows. Design can be that way sometimes. What we believe is good may be more of the same, but often we never hear. The piece we are missing is "truth", the final answer to a design effort. Was it true to the brand, was it true to the client's needs, and was it true to the audience? Truth is an outcome, not an unfulfilled promise. We need more truth in design, brand and marketing.

Performance. The outcome can be beautiful, aesthetically and financially. Apple has certainly taught us, you don't have to sell crap at a discount to make gargantuan amounts of revenue. Performance is a beautiful word and relates nicely to results, outcomes and measurement. It corresponds to the efforts of NFL teams but also to how much we can measure creative efforts in the digital realm. We can see digital design and watch the resulting performance. And, if design doesn't perform as intended it certainly doesn't fall into our definition of "good design."

Laziness. To quote Steve, "the true mother of invention is laziness." As I am on a lifelong ancestral quest to find the grandmother of invention, this is of interest to me. How many times have you had an experience with a product, digital interaction, or physical service and thought, "this sucks." Rhetorical. Now what if you could call someone, not to complain, yet to state "can you improve upon this idea and sell me a new experience that doesn't suck?" When people or organizations get lazy with their offering, the mother of invention swoops in (yes, similar to your mother-in-law), taking away what they value most. Just ask QuarkExpress about what happened when Adobe sensed laziness. Whether you've heard of QuarkExpress or not, it proves my point.

Seek truth. Believe in performance. And, laziness sucks.

I believe, if you hear these three words from Steve at FUSE, you'll already be immersed in something to make you think. I am certain you'll walk away having seen a pinhole view of our digitally designed future. 




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