Fuse Favorite: 2D: Graphic Design & Creative

As you may know, our 2012 organizing theme for Fuse is "New Dimensions of Magical." As we look across increasingly blurry industry lines we're inviting new roles into the Fuse family. However, this doesn't mean that we'll be lacking in content when it comes to the topics you know and love at Fuse.

One of those Fuse Favorites is our focus on Graphic Design and Creative. This year in the Graphic Design and Creative Track, you can look forward to some of the following sessions:

Purpose Inspired Design
Amy Brusselback, Beauty Design Director, Procter & Gamble

How Valspar Challenged Convention and Fulfilled Its Brand Promise Through Design
Michael Watson, Global Managing Director, Valspar Corporation
Ronald de Vlam, Global Managing, Partner, Webb deVlam

Developing a New Global Design System for a 100 Year Old Brand
Teresa Lindsey-Houston, Global Marketing, Kellogg's
Eric Zeitoun, President & Marcus Hewitt, Chief Creative Officer, Dragon Rouge

Rebranding a Classic
Arem Duplessis, Design Director,The New York Times Magazines

Changing the Diaper: The Case of the Little Snugglers
Julie Paveletzke, Scientist, Kimberly Clark and Nicki Gondell, Principal, Trend House

Hot Wheels: Thrilling Vehicle Experience Felix Holst, VP Wheels, MATTEL
Neil Stevenson, Design Director, HIDEO

3 Pillars of Successful Product Launch: A Sally Hansen Salon Effects Case Study
Soo Hyun Kang, Senior Designer, Coty Beauty US

Back to the Future
David Turner, Designer & Co-founder, Turner Duckworth

Last year we caught up with David Turner after his session at Fuse for a quick interview, check out the video below to hear his thoughts on the Fuse experience, and the future of design:

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