Fuse 3D: Designing Emotion

This year at Fuse 2012 we're adding new dimensions to the Fuse line-up. Fuse 3D: Industrial & Structural Design will feature industrial & structural designers discussing how brands come to life through form and structure.

Today we're looking at Fuse 3D session "Designing emotion into toys: the future of empathetic machines" with Caleb Chung, Creator, inventor, Pleo and Furby

Caleb Chung knows how to create emotional connections to products. Starting his career as a mime in Hollywood, he learned early on that motion creates emotion, and later honed his R&D skills at Mattel. He started with Furby- which sold over 50m units worldwide and generated over 1.2 billion in sales. Next came Pleo, an even further developed “life form” with over 200 movements for various body parts (it was named the 2007 PopSci coolest invention of the year).

So much of branding is finding that emotional connection with consumers; with his design of Furby and Pleo, Chung takes that to a literal level, designing the mechanics of emotion. In this episode of Radiolab the team explores the ways that Furby convinces users that it is experiencing emotions (for example learning and changing over time) and speaks with Chung about his process in designing the toy.

This video from Nightline! dips into the emotional connections users had with Pleo, the robotic dinosaur, thanks to its realistic movements and reactions.

Hear more Chung’s vision for the role of structure in play by joining us for Fuse 3D. To learn more, download the brochure.

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