FUSE 2012: From 2D to 4D

Someone once compared the anticipation of attending FUSE to the anticipation of attending sleep away camp as a child. It’s that yearning for what’s new, the comfort of old friends and the allure of the unknown that crescendo every year at FUSE. This year, expect something magical.

Every year we work to build FUSE around a particular theme – this year – in the spirit of cross collaboration and more integrated brand and design strategies, we’re excited to bring you New Dimensions of Magical. We’ll delve into every aspect of design – from graphic, to structural to interactive - FUSE 2012 has it all. 

Featured FUSE 2d: Graphic Design Session: Purpose Inspired Design, Amy Brusselback, Beauty Design Director, Procter & Gamble In the new world order, there’s a shift in power away from institutions to people. People want to know what’s behind a company and a brand–what they stand for and what they value. This session will focus on how developing crystal clarity on your purpose unleashes design that’s irresistible:
 • Build loyalty beyond reason
• Demonstrate how purpose inspired design can build the business
• Define the essentials elements of meaningful, actionable purpose
• Share examples that can be reapplied in your business.

Featured FUSE 3d: Industrial & Structural Design Session: Translating Brand Connection Through Form, Justin Coble, Industrial Design Manager, Mars Chocolate North America Brands create strong emotional connections, but this is heightened during holidays and times of togetherness. Because of this, it is very important to not only have great 2D branding, but also to bring the item full circle through form. Mars has driven brand connection in its seasonal business through form.
• How form brings the same emotional connection as 2D branding
• How brand look and feel can be translated through many different touch points
• Materials play a major role

Featured FUSE 4d: Digital & Interactive Design Session: Maintaining Brand Look & Feel Across Digital Media, Steve Mummolo, Creative executive, NFL Digital Media 
In this session we will discuss the importance of consistent cross-screen experiences in today’s market as well as the challenges, benefits and opportunities that are inherent to today’s mobile/web/tablet relationship.
• The importance of maintaining consistent user experience / brand identity across all screens
• Defining your brands' visual voice
• Creating a creative culture that supports the execution of these design principles
• Staffing & Process Tips

Featured Brand Strategy Session: Cleaning up with Common Sense: Simple and engaging ways to bring your brand to life, Kim Chisholm, VP Marketing, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day was founded under the philosophy–uncomplicated products for a clean and happy home. This simple and no-nonsense approach is reflected in the design and marketing of the brand today. From product to community, we’ll look at how to build authenticity and engagement into your brand experience in a holistic and uncomplicated way.

Download the FUSE Brochure for the full program and speaker list.

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If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Michelle LeBlanc at mleblanc@iirusa.com 

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