Digital and Interactive Design from the 'Inside' of FUSE

This year as we prepped the design strategy for marketing our annual FUSE conference we looked at the analytics from last year's web traffic. I won't go into all of the details about the bounce rate and/or 'stickiness' of the site itself but I'll say from an insiders' view its fair to conclude that the folks who attend the FUSE event are there for its community. As the Creative Director for the company who produces FUSE, I find myself in a different situation from previous years. This situation mirrors one of the 'new dimensions' that FUSE promises.

I'm talking about the integration of digital and interactive design. This year, more than ever we've collaborated with our social media team in an effort to extend the community that presents itself at FUSE to the digital space. With that in mind we pulled together a basic site design that communicates with the FUSE crowd that we are all familiar with, those who may be new to FUSE and those who may be interested in what is different this year. Recently I've seen a shift in my day to day approach to more collaborative efforts that integrate multiple disciplines (social media, web, print, digital data, etc.) and I'm happy to see that the event we're designing for remains relevant to what it is that I do even to the level of executing tasks. I also thought it'd be neat to share an image with some of you 'visual' folks out there of a white board we came up with that portrays the event digital strategy...



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