A Brief Post on Jonah Lehrer

Jonah Lehrer is one of those unique individuals who can discuss the frontal cortex of the brain in a way that's interesting enough to land him an appearance as a guest on the Stephen Colbert Show. His age places him in the gray area between Gen X-Yers and Millenials which makes him a pop-culture thinker at the forefront of a generation inundated with gadgets and devices and defined by social media.  Jonah Lehrer will be speaking for us this year at FUSE. He is also a noted "provovateur" at the Creative Leadership Academy.

I hand it to Double Triple - on the design of Lehrer's website. I wanted to write a bit about Jonah for this blog and the site gives a one page immediate experience as to what he is all about. I can't really top what they did so check that out here (Jonah Lehrer's website).

Jonah Lehrer's style and approach is reminiscent of one of his strong supporters, Malcolm Gladwell, who's made many appearances at our events. Both have written for The New Yorker.  And they both come from academic backgrounds that would most likely either bore or confuse the pants off of the rest of us. But they share a very powerful trait. They have both integrated their intellectual backgrounds into popular culture so that the rest of us can share in their brilliance. Looking forward to seeing Jonah at the FUSE event this year!



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